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Understand: Time Will Tell, Last Eight Proved True

Understand: Time Will Tell, Last Eight Proved TrueGet yourself ready! Stand up and say to them whatever I command you. Do not be terrified by them, or I will terrify you before them. (Jeremiah 1:17 NIV)

Clean Slates

I made a remark on a pro-HRC post, “Time will tell…last 8 years have proved true.” I was asked, “The last 8 years prove what true?” Before answering this, please know I was led to pray for God to create a clean heart in me. It was an overwhelming thought how important it is for us all to clean our slates with a pure heart and truly seek Jesus for direction. As His thoughts are higher than ours and His ways not our way, we are capable of tapping into His thoughts to understand, first softening our hearts to accept if different.

Life Mandate

The above verse is my life mandate. When led to this verse, I had little knowledge how God would use me. Fast forward a few years, our story entailed God’s miracles in healing after our two boys survived a severe four-wheeler crash. I knew God wanted people to know He is faithful. The ground work continued to build, next I was led to write a book. I had no knowledge how this path would be revealed. Through prayer and fasting, doors began to open. Attending my first writers conference, Spiritual Warfare were more hush-hush words. As I continued to pray, fast, and attend writer’s conferences, my purpose became fine-tuned. Through releasing truth, I teach people not to be deceived. More we grow in God’s Word, stronger we understand with knowledge and wisdom, avoiding being deceived. All very timely, with deception at tip of exploding.


To understand my response, we have to agree there is evil in this world. We have deceivers where lying has become first nature. When Christ is no longer priority in lives, the world takes over, reflecting satan’s attributes. He is the father of lies. There is a group set on taking over world power, first having to weaken America. Aggression towards America has increased during last eight years. Major signs in weakening America for takeover: Military has weakened, attacks trying to weaken law enforcement, and gun rights threatened. Racial tensions have been reignited. Our country has more debt than another recession can handle. Healthcare is a mess. Small businesses have closed. All actions point this president to be a Muslim. Neither O and HRC are the big players they think they are in this scheme, they are being used. Trump is exactly right when he says this is not another four year election. “We are at a crossroad in the history of our civilization that will determine if the people will reclaim control over our government.” Light is shining on government corruption if we’ll look towards the light. Many are preferring to keep shades pulled.

Heart Pounding…

Never could I have imagined my life’s purpose. However, as I stood during an all-school mass at our local Catholic High School, this protestant fought tears back as we sang, Here I am Lord. Is it I Lord? I have heard you calling in the night. I will go Lord, if you lead me. I will hold your people in my heart. This is exactly why I make my stands and will not be terrified. I’m holding this nation in my heart. People are being deceived, we need to speak truth in love. May I never speak truth any other way. Are you willing to start with a clean slate and ask, “Is it I, Lord?”

Be encouraged!

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