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Anger and Hatred Permeate Darkness

Anger and Hatred Permeate DarknessAnyone who claims to be in the light but hates his brother is still in the darkness. (1 John 2:9 NIV)


Forward Friday! Hate is bullying itself into what- trying to change election results? Does anger ever help? No, anger hurts the person spewing more than hitting their targets. We have a President-elect who will be a President for all Americans. Individuals spewing most hate seem to be missing the larger picture. Of course, if not what a leftist wants, entitlement permits lashing out in anger. They do not realize satan has enveloped them with darkness.


Having division in this country is not news to me. We’ve seen this for several years. Research dating back to 2009 has over half beleivers not believing the Bible is infallible. This is problematic for churches, including lost world. Individuals claim they are in light, when hatred towards others leave them in darkness.


There is much to say about darkness in this chapter. Individuals walking in darkness are blinded. Ones that walk in light, never stumble. They stay true to The Bible maturing through a spiritual journey. Life is not always perfect, yet, sooner we leave rebellion behind, faster we move to maturity, prepared to handle life’s purpose.


As I shared with a friend yesterday, my POV will always come from Biblical Truth. I am not to push this on anyone. However, be available to talk with and/or answer questions. Simple- The Bible, we accept or reject. It is not on me how one decides. It is on me to make Biblical Truth available. We cannot leave family, friends, or anyone stumbling in darkness…blinded. When angered, a person is unable to accept truth. May it help as we react to riots, spewed hatred and individuals walking in darkness. We need to pray light shines, eventually over taking darkness, leaving each one free from stumbling.


For all prayers, fasting, and votes for President-Elect Trump, I am grateful. Thank you! Let’s move forward, continuing to pray for Trump and his family. For our country to mend division, acknowledging Jesus Christ as King of all Kings, Lord of all Lords.

Be encouraged!

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