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Rebuild America, Let’s Rebuild Churches

Rebuild America, Let's Rebuild ChurchesI, even I, am he who comforts you. Who are you that you fear men, the sons of men, who are but grass, that you forgot the Lord your Maker…(Isaiah 51:12,13a NIV)

Moving Forward

Moving we go! Looks like we’ve been given a chance to rebuild America. Trump made a humble, insightful victory speech. God has been equipping him through earlier rebuilding projects, knowing how to organize strengths to accomplish tasks. No one needs to feel let down, especially if you are a Christian. In midst of societal confusion, let’s not forget the Lord our Maker.


What is there to fear at this point? For me, happenings between now and January? Will more terrorists be let free? Will they continue to aggravate foreign relations? Where this country is divisive: those who believe God’s Word is infallible and those who do not. We not only have a country to rebuild- we have churches to rebuild. Infrastructure in our country with roads, bridges, and hospitals are same fractures happening in churches.

Roads Leading…

Think about this…roads leading to church are diverted into world happenings. Bridges have been rejected, choosing to stay in world vs. bridging into knowledge, wisdom, and understanding, leading to holiness. In the midst of meeting needs by offering coffee and comfortable seating- what is it anyway having to remove pews? We have hurting people with real needs.


Why exit from churches across America? What’s happened to young adults full of God’s Word, years faithful in church to harden their hearts? It happens when first steps are taken away from Christ. Once removed from an invisible, protective umbrella- we become free game for satan’s schemes. I cannot share enough how wonderful and real peace is when finally aligning to God’s plans, no longer rebelling.


Last night’s thought solidified in my entire being, settling deep in my soul…as President-elect Trump rebuilds America, I want to help rebuild churches with messages of repentance. With repentance, societal confusion fades into non-existence. It’s all about one’s heart, mind, and soul. Trusting Jesus, the author and finisher of our faith, accepting He’s a Sovereign God, faithful and true. Are you willing to take steps toward God, away from fear? He is the Lord our Maker. And…we seem to have the best man to be our President for such a time as this. Let’s keep praying.

Be encouraged!



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