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Principles: An individual’s Driving Force

Principles: An individual's Driving ForceSince you died with Christ to the basic principles of this world, why, as though you still belong to it, do you submit to its rules? (Colossians 2:20 NIV)


A hot question for this Wednesday. Once we believe and ask Jesus into our hearts, we die to self, working towards Christ’s image. Much of the world sets standards to live up to their image. It’s all counterfeit. When eyes are entertained by the world, teachings of Christ slip away.


It’s almost Thanksgiving, let’s talk turkey. Consider all the turkeys being prepared for tomorrow…imagine the process each one goes. It’s not a thaw and serve item. A turkey takes time; thaw, rinse, brine, rinse, dry, season, bake, and then serve. We become ready to serve once we’ve grown in spiritual maturity.


Spiritual babies will never mature without Biblical Truth. They will continue believing entitlment to basic principles in this world. When there is one honest pastor, with world minded individuals pressing in from all sides- associate pastors, youth pastors, college pastors and the congregation…how long before spiritual babies overtake?

Truth and Righteousness

Desserts are a favorite part of Thanksgiving meals- we can load up on sugar and sugarcoat sermons and teachings all we want; will hearts change when doused with sugar or are we left with a sugar high. God’s Word is sharper than a doubled edged sword. When a new believer or one in church a long time, never having studied scripture on their own; takes hold of God’s Word- get ready. A transformation begins with our hearts, minds, and soul. We’re going to think different, behave different, and may even sound different. Sharp objects cut- cuts hurt. When cutting out infections, our lives are saved. God’s Word will guide us into all truths and righteousness.

Happy Thanksgiving! 

Let’s not be caught with stubborn hearts, unwilling to change. Basic principles of the world can trip every good intention. Just as we need self-control for Thanksgiving Day, we need consciousness daily to gear our minds prepared to serve Christ. To have this option, I am very grateful. Happy Thanksgiving!

Be encouraged!

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