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Fasting…Immeasurable Blessings Await

Fasting...Immeasurable Blessings Await

And the Lord will guide you continually and satisfy your desire in scorched places and make your bones strong; and you shall be like a watered garden, like a spring of water, whose waters do not fall. (Isiah 58:11 ESV)


Isiah 58 has to be my favorite book of the Bible. Fasting and honoring the Sabbath day are discussed in detail with immeasurable blessings in return. I always say…what we put into something will be what we get out of something. These two principles when applied, have reaped me the greatest blessings- outside my family.


We celebrate the first 21 days of the year with many churches and fellow Christians in a 21 day fast. There are various paths chosen how to fast. Fasting is hard. Now into the third/fourth days our flesh is having fits. What the flesh wants, we normally cave in to letting our flesh control our mind and body. This is why God gave us minds- to not have fear, yet have the spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. Anytime we give into flesh knowing better- fear is the culprit. If not- why can we not say no to temptations or cravings?


What is there to fear? Not being like most in our surroundings? This is a good thing. We can find common ground with most people, yet, Biblical application and obedience creates division. If “they” have a problem with strict Biblical beliefs, then do they qualify as real friends? Real friends are going to love, no matter how far apart beliefs stand. I likely have more friends like this than friends within the church. Even when the plank has been pulled out of my own eyes, I know self-righteous and I know rebellion- these two alone cover most problems in the church, yet, harder for these individuals to respect an agent of truth. Sadly, many leave the church feeling unwelcome.


When failing our goals during fasting, step right back on track. Next time flesh screams, go straight into Bible/worship time. Blessed are those who thirst and hunger after righteousness, they will be filled. Setting the stage for our year by fasting, is worth all effort made into taking serious and being true to commitment. As with anything- what we put into fasting, will be what we get out. Read Isaiah 58 and take in all required for these amazing blessings…such as…like a watered garden. Oh, such a refreshing thought. That’s our God! He is Amazing!

Be encouraged!

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