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Equilibrium: Opposing Forces Find Balance

Equilibrium: Opposing Forces Find BalanceEnter by the narrow gate. For the gate is wide and the way is easy that leads to destruction, and those who enter by it are many. For the gate is narrow and the way is hard that leads to life, and those who find it are few. (Matthew 7:13,14 ESV)


The Bible speaks loud and clear, without any doubt or confusion. When we doubt, confusion engulfs our mind. It’s like the equilibrium balancing earth is shaken. The delusion that everyone will go to Heaven is wrong. Those who think going to church is enough, may be surprised.


God judges our heart. Which makes hearts being the most deceptive a bit tricky. We have to stop where we are and realign our spiritual journey with Christ. Narrow gates are hard to go through, very few will enter. Do we find this alarming? Does anyone care? We cannot fool ourselves into dismissing this scripture, finding justice in false truths the world finds ways to justify. Justifying outside of God’s Word is near deceptive, not being true with ourselves.


Who’s with me? We can easily justify a big fat cheese burger when fasting, My first attempt in fasting was a 24 hour stretch right out of college. I justified alright- if Jesus ate fish, then I can eat fish, too. Well…this is not how fasting works. Unless you are fasting all red meat- then eat fish. Yet, when it comes to God’s Word- it’s Truth. Finding reasons to justify sin, only fools ourselves, leading others astray. Once we fall into sin, conviction lessens, sin becomes comfortable. A way of life leading straight towards the wide gate, where many will enter.


Purifying our hearts and mind is not easy. Aligning ourselves with scripture will take us through a total transformation. God’s purpose within each has always been there, now we sift through considering our strong points. As the old is gone and new emerges, God will take us through a refining process. Boldness and tenacity are two of my strongest characteristics. I used to be an extrovert, desiring social interactions…now these two strengths are used in writing and I have become more quiet around others. There was a span of a few years, where I can relate to introverts- I honestly did not want to be around people. Yet, God does not leave us in refining fires forever. Hopefully, you’ll come into agreement with your purpose quicker han I did mine.


Eventually, equilibrium is brought back into balance. We’ll have perfect alignment with our purpose. As we go through refinement, we trust God with all our hearts. When he says go this direction, we dismiss fear, trust Him and walk forward. Dear friends, we cannot waste days- if we are breathing, we have purpose. There are many heading towards the wide gate, who need redirection. It takes each of us fulfilling our God-given purpose. Are you willing? Need to check equilibrium, anything out of balance? All part of finding narrow path to eternity.

Be encouraged!

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