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Truth: God’s Grace Is Power During Weakness

Truth: God's Grace Is Power During WeaknessEven though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, for you are with me; your rod and your staff, they comfort me. (Psalm 23:4 NIV)


Forward Friday! The enemy is a thief. The devil is no one’s friend, only an enemy in disguise. Psalm 23 became meaningful for me when three months after our home invasion, I was still wrapped in fear. Understanding this scripture long before death and applying to life circumstances, keeps us moving forward, overcoming. John 10:10, the devil is here to steal, kill, and destroy. God is the one giving life abundant.


God is love. Any action opposite of love is not of God, meaning it stems from evil- satan. Satan wants to be “The God”, yet he is only a man with no authority, unless given to him through our weaknesses. Jesus tell us…for when we are weak, God’s power is made perfect, if we are believers, accepting His grace. For those rejecting Biblical Truth, there will be no  power to stand against the enemy’s grip. Those who stand with Christ, His power will sustain us though life’s trials.

Excuse or Truth?

It’s like last night walking with my daughter- I could have easily passed, yet she was insistent we walk. Our neighborhood has hills short and long, sharp and gradual. There are three roads we pick from that are different types of hill. We chose the one with two gradual hills, having a little pause in the middle. However, when to the top I was out of breath. I’ve never felt comfortable with increased breathing. While discussing this, I asked, “Do you think this is anxiety?” She replies, “No, Mom, you are just out of shape.” It’s easy using an obvious excuse for a truth we do not want to accept. Now for me, I am out of shape. Yet, 1/2 of America does not realize our country is out of shape.


As long as leaders fester hate- followers will engage in hate related actions- some criminal. When we truly receive God’s love, love will be our constant source of responding. Do we want excuses or truth? This may be the problem- many no longer want truth. When looking at the world before us, let’s stand firm in Biblical Truth, accepting God’s grace. No time to fear, with God we overcome!

Be encouraged!


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