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Darkness: God’s Light Reveals, God is Light

Darkness: God's Light Reveals, God is LightThis is the message we have heard from him and proclaim to you, that God is light, and in him is no darkness at all. If we say we have fellowship with him while we walk in darkness, we lie and do not practice the truth. (1 John 1:5,6 ESV)


Forward Friday! Hearing from individuals with first hand knowledge is trustworthy. Straight from Jesus, we know God is light and no darkness can be found in Him. One key principle/foundational truth- to be a Christian, we believe God is light. He is truth. The devil is darkness and no good found in him. As we gain Biblical knowledge, we learn the devil is constantly prowling to see who he can devour. He aims for individuals that threaten his cause…taking as many to hell with him as possible. All willing participants are cherries on top of his poisoned sundae. This can be seen in haters across the world, sadly increasing in America.


This week- more darkness has been revealed. Unless we followed all presidential executive orders in the last two terms, which were many, majority of Americans missed underlying issues that weaken overall strength of America. America’s societal confusion stems from people being deceived, those still in church or left that say they have fellowship with Jesus, yet walk in darkness. This is a lie and truth is not practiced, aligning with the father of lies, satan.


What is darkness? Any practice that opposes God’s original intention for creation, found in scripture. The darkness revealed is transgender surgeries and all recovery time were to be paid by military, which is funded by tax payers. Therefore, you and I would be paying- even if we disagree. Clinger would even find this absurd. In his fictious world, he just wanted a reason to be excused from the military, adding humor to an all-time favorite show. There is no humor about this- down to the core is a human being in need of God’s love. The lines of what is acceptable and what is not, have been blurred. Our society is scrambling in confusion, recreating their own guidelines for right and wrong.

Moving Forward…

When God’s Word has been tossed aside- churches and ministries are looking to be politically correct or pride taking actions for self-gain- it’s bad news. These individuals have fallen into deception. When God’s light shines revealing darkness- the side of darkness will always be intent on weakening. Once an individual, community, church, society, nations weakens, the devil devours. Those standing on side of darkness will always be deceived, opposing God’s Purpose. Let’s move forward not being deceived- gaining Biblical knowledge, learning to discern good vs. evil. Nothing can be taken for granted.

Be encouraged!

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