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Spiritual Truths: Avoid Offenses, Trust Promises

Spiritual Truths: Avoid Offenses, Trust PromisesLet us hold unswervingly to the hope we profess, for he who promised is faithful. And let us consider how we may spur one another on toward love and good deeds. (Hebrews 10:23, 24 NIV)


Motivating Monday! What happens when a leftist and a rightist disagree? The answer depends if individuals are tuning into the heart of Christ. We discussed difference between tolerance and God’s love recently. God’s Word is sharper than a double edged sword. Releasing Biblical Truth is never intended to harm, only to allow truth to penetrate hearts and minds, setting people free. Without studying and understanding the Bible’s entirety, one is left with only verses of love and never God’s sovereignty, His patience holding back wrath, or judgment forthcoming for all mankind.


An interesting point- never do the left quote God’s full character. I actually had one tell me I misrepresent Christ and insinuated I did not see, hear…really? When surrendering all to Christ, destiny released, walking in God’s purpose- trusted in little, now trusted with much…we’ll never be in attack mode. Yet, what happens when a leftist quickly tires of firm truth, they attack. We see this on news when both sides are interviewed. God is Creator, He is faithful and He is just. Life on earth is unfair more than fair, however, every individual will face judgment once life ends, leaving only truth. Accept Biblical Truth now and make necessary changes in heart and mind or wait until too late?


I’ll be first to say there is a lot wrong happening in churches and way Christians represent Jesus. I’m not happy when considering times I have failed. When enough was enough and I rededicated my life to Christ- refining my character began. Up until this point in all our lives, living world minded, offense and hurt rises in all circles. There comes a time in our spiritual journey’s, we mature to the point- like an invisible spiritual shield is placed reflecting all reasons to be offended. No longer do we take offense. Spiritual discernment allows full understanding and we move on.


Success for mutual respect between lefts and rights, I believe starts with sitting aside agendas. Each person knows what the other stands for and if we want to discuss- we do with kindness, refusing offense. As respect is shown both ways, friendships are developed. This allows God’s Spirit to permeate freely, trusting all things will work out for everyone’s good. In no way do I want anyone waiting too late and regret eternity spent in hell. When studying all scripture, we learn there is a Heaven and Hell, definition and listings of sin, consequences of sin, to promises for God’s faithful. Living life to the fullest in Christ is much more gratifying here on earth than constantly dealing with the devil stealing, killing, and destroying. Imagine the differences that will be eternal.

Be encouraged!


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