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God’s Will: Continuing To Do Good…Overcome

God's Will: Continuing To Do Good...OvercomeSo then, those who suffer according to God’s will should commit themselves to their faithful Creator and continue to do good. (1 Peter 4:19 NIV)


Motivating Monday! God calls various individuals to encourage. We can only encourage what we have overcome with knowledge gained from past experiences. If you were set to have a root canal, I will be no help. Unless knowing God’s Word to comfort during necessary times. My happy self came to an abrupt stop after seeking God’s will, aligning with God’s straight path…when the going gets tough, the tough get going. The only thing- be prepared, God’s plans for us, will likely never be as simple as we think.

God’s Will

The white picket fence, God’s ordained husband, leading a Sunday School, and maybe helping with youth…really all I thought was my purpose. Therefore, when I began experiencing spiritual warfare, I had no clue. Spiritual discernment awakened within, all different kind of happenings were being revealed and visions were seen…likely a little much for my baptist raised husband. Yet, God does not throw one spouse into a direction and not have the other be relatable. Thankfully, David was growing in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding studying God’s Word.

God’s Love

I asked Jesus to take over with His thoughts to encourage and this is what happens, a completely different direction. Someone feels serving God is too much. Please do not give up. There was a time when I felt the same and decided I wanted no part of this path. Back then, I had not successfully gone through refinement- time is gauged on how long it takes to pass lessons placed to develop our callings. For me, it seemed one character test after another. Through the process…God’s Spirit takes over our natural tendency, which is world minded. God’s natural tendency is love. He is truth and He is love.


Before ever grasping deep level love for others, we’ll go through refining or may be best understood as pruning. It’s not just about removing contrary traits, it’s replacing with God’s intentions. His Word is not a suggestion, it’s a mandate. A mandate for life- not death. When pursing God’s will seems hard, keep eyes on Jesus. I found when my eyes were consumed with situations, I failed. Keeping my eyes on Jesus, removes irritations/offenses. God is able to elevate us with such freedom to more than our minds can imagine. For every tough move, we gain thicker skin, faster mobility, better vision, clearer minds, softer hearts to understand. It’s worth every moment.

Be encouraged!

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