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Seek: Look Up, Making Strides Forward

Seek: Look Up, Making Strides ForwardBut seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. (Matthew 6:33 ESV)


Forward Friday! Have you ever tasted cotton candy grapes? I remember once my daughter pointed these out and even purchased, yet, I never tried. What refreshed my memory this week was the sermon I heard this past Sunday. Rev. Preston Greenwaldt, Pastor- A&M United Methodist Church in College Station, Texas gave simple, yet, most powerful sermon. Why choose a red or green grape when cotton candy is a choice? Do you want more?


Many times while writing, I encourage individuals to seek; more we seek, more we learn- seek more, learn more. Therefore, this sermon resonated and proved true with powerful points. Researches are constantly seeking ways to make food products have longer shelf life, just like the church making Christianity shelfable- wow! He proceeded to share how when Christianity is shelved, hard questions are avoided. These hard questions make us accountable to God’s Word, developing a closer walk with Jesus.


Many distractions attempt to take our eyes off Christ, diverting attention elsewhere. When this happens, the unseen enemy is luring us into bondage. There is part of a song my mind keeps humming…hills and valleys, hills and valleys- Yes, life will have hills and valleys. Keeping our eyes on Jesus is like keeping our eyes on the prize. We stay focused, working harder to achieve more for Jesus than we do for the world.

Strides Forward

As we move forward this weekend, let’s keep looking up to Jesus. When times in the valley come, let our faith be shaken and lives changed. It’s during times like this when we’re really able to make strides forward to sustain us while on hills. Seeking first God and His kingdom, He will be faithful and just adding to our lives.

Be encouraged!

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