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Tunnels- Caution, Slow Down, Tighten Grip…Light Appears

Tunnels- Caution, Slow Down, Tighten Grip...Light AppearsCast your cares on the Lord and he will sustain you; he will never let the righteous fall. (Psalm 55:22 NIV)

Moving Forward!

Forward Friday! Moving forward is key to seeing light at the end of tunnels. Certainly many feel they’ve been through tunnels this past week. Harvey has even made his way to middle America. Who cares about minors when there’s majors to focus on. This is a lesson learned when we switched to my husband’s denomination. We can agree to disagree on minors, needing to agree on majors. This brings balance and harmony to any situation.


When God’s Word, it’s a must to agree. If…a church tradition or man made rule, these count as minor. To know the difference, we have to study God’s Word. To know truth in the news, we have to be very careful. As mentioned Wednesday, false news is multiplying- only meeting personal agendas to push propaganda supporting one’s own ideology, based on personal choices. There are reasons why committed Christians, obeying God’s commands, identified as His righteous ones, never seem to fall. God promises, He will never let the righteous fall.


We all go through tunnels. It’s even fun to drive through tunnels. Yet, we have to be extra cautious- it seems narrow, darker with lights that glare, all prompting slower speed and tighter grip on the steering wheel. This is much like going through difficult times. We become cautious, slow down, and grip scripture to hold true God’s promises. Taking steps of faith to believe and trust God’s Word to be true- all 100%, true. Amen! and Amen!


When difficult times come, if no scriptural foundation, one would only have what the world offers- societal confusion, doubt, pessimistic views- really who screams the loudest in the news- ones’ choosing to dismiss scripture and enforce their own ideology. When I began blogging, deception had not burst open as it has now. All social media sights- are controlled and we can be warned now- they will control what information is allowed or not allowed, trying to frame minds around their own personal agendas based on their own ideology- which is opposite of God’s Word.

No Cutting/No Dicing

Let’s not forget how satan works, there will be enough truth to make one weaken stand to bend and accept. God’s Word cannot be cut and diced into a new world view, as being tried. Basically, this weekend, let’s move forward really becoming aware of news sources that are true and what is false. We cannot believe everything. It’s definitely time to tighten up the armor of God.

Be encouraged! Lord, as many are looking through tunnels today, this weekend and weeks ahead, allow them to cast their cares on you. You promise to sustain us and keep the righteous from falling. Grateful! Your Word is true. We ask in your precious name, Jesus, Amen. 

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