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Disputes, Faith, & Helping People Stand

Disputes, Faith, & Helping People StandAccept him whose faith is weak, without passing judgement on disputable matters. (Romans 14:1NIV)


Motivating Monday! Topic on disputes seem daunting for Monday. Nothing like opening a can of worms to catch a fish, keeping one from hunger. When disputes are allowed to linger, we begin depleting peace within. The problem is not disputes, the problem is how we handle. For God’s people, The Church, this is a powerhouse scripture to understand and apply to daily life.


In today’s times, weakness in anything is not acceptable or willing to be accepted. When testing faith, levels are presented in scripture that are obtainable. Beginning faith is likened to a mustard seed. Even though it is small, it’s powerful enough to move mountains. Removing mountains will clear paths and open opportunities, therefore, this is good. Some people are happy to settle for good, while limiting, we may need to be develop deeper roots to withstand future storms.

Greater Faith

Transitioning between weak faith and greater faith is a growing faith. Faith increases as we study scripture, attend Bible studies, and find a faith- filled church with trusted leadership. During this time, hearts change, minds more alert, choices become available and lifestyles change. As this happens, friends can join you or God will provide new friends. More learned, more we grow from weak to strong. The stronger root system, more weathered and established we become in greater faith, where miracles take place.


The entire process of spiritual maturity removes judgmental attitudes of ones with weak faith. As God’s Word is established in one’s heart and mind, honoring God means more than caving to flesh desires. As those with weak faith grow in God’s wisdom, knowledge, and understanding, disputable matters are no longer a concern. If disputes continue, those with weak faith may decide to walk away. Accepting those with weak faith, does not give us a license to sin or justify their sin.

God’s Goodness

We were once with sin and now experiencing God’s goodness- all His promises for obedience, following His commands, protection in times of trouble, comforting in time of sadness and the list is endless. We desire to honor Him over any reason to have disputes in the first place. When believers turn their back on God, they choose to walk outside of God’s protection, and I believe this includes those under their care. There is a distinct difference from once having strong faith and those who have never grown from weak faith.

Who are you to judge someone else’s servant? To his own master he stands or falls. And he will stand, for the Lord is able to make him stand.(v.4) Sound good? Sounds Amazing!

Be encouraged!


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