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Team Opportunities: Winner/Losing…Our Choice

Team Opportunities: Winner/Losing...Our ChoiceTo those who by persistence in doing good seek glory, honor, and immorality, he will give eternal life. But for those who are self-seeking and who reject the truth and follow evil, there will be wrath and anger. (Romans 2:7, 8 NIV)

Heart to Heart!

Game 1 of the World Series, won by the Dodgers. My family loves Cardinal baseball. With Astros and Dodgers in the World Series, each are likable and wish both could win. Houston Strong is reason enough for an Astros’ win. Dodgers have the best pitcher in baseball, making first trip to World Series in his 10 years, he’s earned a ring. See, much like a look through our hearts toward mankind. We want to see the good in everyone and hope all receive eternal life in Heaven. Yet, just like in a baseball game, one team wins and one loses.


Good news! As we breathe and hearts beat, we have opportunities to be on life’s winning team. It’s not a game of Jesus and satan as captains picking who they want. We have free will to join either team. We must note- we’ll be on one team or the other. If we do not accept Jesus’ gift of salvation, we’re automatically placed on the opposing team.


I do not want to see anyone deceived. No one is exempt. The devil loves telling this lie. If younger and your parents never took you to church or taught you about Jesus, it’s very likely they left the church of their youth. It’s like first generation college students, now it’s first generation atheist, agnostics, and those indifferent all by default. All because my generation decided sermons were too strict- or restrictive, not approving sin. Were the 80’s really that much fun? Seems looking back, a rebellion against the church began as lifestyles of youth became very loose. In turn, churches began reacting, taking conviction out of sermons, dismissing words like sin and hell. Leadership overthrown in many cases, leaving less Spiritually matured individuals to weaken God’s Word even more. This happened in a very short time-span, people deceived, misleading others. When dismissing God’s Word, no guess about which team.

Winning Team

If on the winning team, let’s be team players. Strengthening Word knowledge is key to know truth and keep from being deceived. Help others by speaking truth in love. Volunteer after praying areas to get involved. Learning scripture, we become equipped with the full armor of God, standing firm. Societal confusion blurs focus, as deception has the deceiver trying to plant their wrong on those doing good. Let’s make sure, we are never deceived.

Be encouraged!



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