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Hatred: Unleashed Selfishly, As America Recovers

Hatred: Unleashed Selfishly, As America RecoversLet love be genuine, Abhor what is evil; hold fast to what is good. (Romans 12:9 ESV)


A Monday that has awakened the world to somberness. Hatred released in Las Vegas and many killed and wounded. Does the word motivate offend today? Not to ones who want resolutions to hatred in this world. Truth- as long as satan is ruler of the air we breathe, there is underlying darkness at all times. The only way evil can be perpetuated is through willing participants. This is reason alone, we must help individuals not to be deceived.


Love is genuine, an attribute of God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit. Three in One- constantly at work, through believers to overcome evil with good. Jesus desires to give life more abundant. Yet, how many preachers- speak against preachers trying to encourage and make knowledgable God’s desire to see His children prosper. Satan is here to steal, kill, and destroy. When looking at the profiles of shooters, killing innocent individuals, they have been on some kind of psyche medicine. This is something to really pray God’s light shines on. Then hatred for America in the past was safe guarded by our President and strength of our military.


Half of this country would disagree, yet this is truth. Many were deceived voting for change back November 2008. The next eight years unleashed more evil than anyone can imagine. America’s economy weakened, military weakened- all signs led to a silent government’s desire for power, overtaking the American dream. Not too different from Lucifer- aka, Lucifer, wanting God’s power. Lucifer deceived one-third of Heaven’s angels to join his plan to overtake. A little presumptuous of Lucifer, true for anyone buying into an evil plan looking for one’s personal gain.

Fear vs. Love, Power, and Sound mind

Is it worthing gaining the world and losing one’s soul? Matthew 16 asks this question. Jesus said there would be days like this, I keep saying- still amazed happening in our time. We are not to live in fear. God did not give us a spirit of fear- He gave us a spirit of power, love, and a sound mind. (2 Timothy 1:17) We need to understand this for my next statement. I believe what happened in Las Vegas can happen anywhere, hatred is permeating. We cannot live our lives in fear.


Seek Jesus, develop Biblical knowledge to know truth over lies. As Biblical knowledge deepens, so does discernment, wisdom, and understanding. All necessary to avoid deception in the day we live. Dear friends, as we pray for all victims, lets’s live our days genuine in love, hate what is evil; hold fast to what is good. We know we are more than conquerers in Jesus Christ!

Be encouraged!

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