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Slogan: Impacting Choices We Make

Slogan: Impacting Choices We MakeThis Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate on it day and night, so that you may be careful to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success. (Joshua 1:8 ESV)

Forward Friday!

Happy to be moving forward, except sad to see baseball season over. The World Series was intense and came down to giving Houston more to celebrate. What are the chances of seeing so much good come out of Harvey, to have Astros be World Champions? God loves Houston! I know… God loves the entire world, He gave His one and only Son to die on the cross for you, me, and mankind. Meditating on God’s Word, including God’s laws, day and night is incredible, gaining with every bit of knowledge- God’s power immersing into the soul. Why would we want to do anything, displeasing to God?

“Just Say, No” Slogan

Children of the 70’s/80’s mainly had three channels to watch on television. When I’m grocery shopping, the jingle…my bologna has a first name…guess what brand I will always purchase. It’s because we heard this commercial continuous during childhood. Our brains are fascinating how repetition locks into memory. I keep tracing the turning point when churches began changing- adapting to the world vs. the world adapting to the church. Then yesterday morning, this thought came to completion. September 14, 1986, Nancy Reagan established the campaign against drugs, with the slogan, “Just Say, No.” This is another locked in memory, a very effective campaign. And…then, look what happened next.

“Just Do It” Slogan

Nike came on the scene and in 1988, they began a slogan, “Just Do It.” The economy was strengthening and good was taking place as people said, no to evil, even though many do not make this connection. The devil worked a counterfeit into society. The slogan- “Just Do It.” Could this be a dominate thought in people’s minds carrying over to every entity of daily life? Whatever feels good- just do it. I shared these thoughts with my daughter last night, and she reminded me, I’ve never let my children wear this slogan on Nike clothing. Now I know with good reason. This slogan was inspired by Gary Gilmore’s last words. Do you know who Gary Gilmore is? He was a criminal from Portland, killing two people and became international known by demanding his death sentence, saying, “Lets do it,” meaning go ahead and kill me. This is where the slogan for Nike is derived from…evil.


I find this very interesting- how about you? Which slogan is still around today? Exactly. The World needs to see true hearted Christians, walking the walk, matching the talk being talked. This only comes from meditating on God’s Word, day and night. It’s time to become real, evaluate who we are in Christ. Are we becoming more like Jesus or more like the world? Good question. If…we are careful to abide by God’s laws and Words inspired in the Bible for our good, we will see prosperity and have good success. As we move forward, let’s always choose to honor Jesus, look what He has done for us.

Be encouraged!


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