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Wounds, Brokenhearted…Healing Is Possible

Wounds, Brokenhearted...Healing Is PossibleHe heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. Psalm 147:3

Heart to Heart

I realize we live in today’s world where rules, regulations, and restrictions are not favored- it’s a do all, have fun without limitations kind of mentality. When a blog is written to warn of God’s laws, His commandments- that if we do not hold to Jesus’ teachings, we’re not considered His disciple. This is reality. Taking a step further, why do hearts stay broken and wounds raw? People stay like this for years, missing God’s abundant life for them. Wounds are real, and they hurt.


My present wounds are no where near the depth of wounds still raw in many hearts. Two days ago, after my friend and family worked decorating our home for Christmas, I began cleanup. While swiftly sweeping, the plastic cap came off top of broom, leaving metal to gash one of my fingers. Thankfully, bleeding stopped, yet all my attention was on this one finger. So much like problems creating heartache, one hurt stands out, leaving others to fester. The next day, I realized a slice worse than a paper cut on my forefinger, and four knicks on the outside of my middle finger. This hand became very sensitive and hurt if I touched any of these areas.

Simple Truths

God takes simple examples just like Jesus spoke parables in the Bible to help us understand Biblical Truth. Psalms 147 is a powerful book and chapter. Jesus heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. If Jesus is willing to do this- why are many withdrawn, increased depression- prescription medicine abused, and lives ending way too soon? The devil loves nothing more than making God’s disciples unproductive, and even discredited. Wounds and brokenhearted are left to worsen circumstances. God Word is true, He’s faithful. Let go and let God. Are we willing?

Be encouraged!

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