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Home…Faith Filled Words, Keep Us Safe

Home...Fatih Filled Words, Keep Us SafeHe replied, “You of little faith, why are you so afraid?” Then he got up and rebuked the winds and the waves, and it was completely calm. (Matthew 8:26 NIV)

Forward Friday!

My oldest child drove home from college yesterday, his second Christmas break. Oh, the memories from my own college experience. Remembering helps prevent hurt feelings for parents, because, we will not always be first stop. Star Wars movie way more important than racing home. I’m grateful his buddy from home secured a ticket for him, joining him and his friends. Each year they are away, it’s a little newer experience.


My childhood home never was ‘home’ like what I hope my children will remember. I’m thankful to stay home, allowing time spent studying God’s Word, writing, and making them my priority. Today is doughnut Friday- dating back to when my oldest began kindergarten. Now my youngest reminded me last night to ensure our stop. Both my parents worked third shift, providing well for our family, just not best situation having the youngest still to raise. From having someone stay with me during the night to staying at my brothers’ homes to friends’ homes, and finally able to stay by myself. Today’s verse was my anchor, keeping fear at bay, allowing me to drift into sleep. We lived in the country and every little sound magnified 10 times, heart thumping….O’ ye of little faith…O’ ye of little faith…


Rocky waters, fierce storms, turbulent times…life was never guaranteed to be easy. Even Paul had a thorn…a good reminder from this week’s BSF study group. God promised His strength would be made perfect in our weakness. Jesus had no trouble sleeping during a storm that had His disciples fearing they would drown. Sound familiar? I can relate. We all have times when it feels like waves are crashing over our lives, wondering how to survive. Dear friends, place your trust in Jesus, He promises never to leave nor forsake us. It was the disciples lack of faith, allowing fear to grip and think they would drown. We have to watch out for this, too. My childhood may not be remembered as the calmest waters…yet, by God’s Words…seeds of faith grew and kept growing. Thankful God kept me safe then, and now… may the same be true for you. Hugs to all parents of college kiddos, we’re moving forward, raised them to fly…same as God does with us…He is faithful.

Be encouraged!


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