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World Problems…Take Heart, Jesus Overcame

World Problems...Take Heart, Jesus Overcame“I have told you these things, so that in me you may have peace. In this world you will have trouble. But take heart! I have overcome the world.” (John 3:33 NIV)


If satan cannot work through our President and current administration, he’s frantically seeking other paths to steal, kill, and destroy. One area has been the media, yet, even a few are seeing truth from time to time. Another area is attacking our youth. They have been heavy on my heart this entire school year. I hope 2018 is not based upon January’s foundation being laid. Yesterday, a school shooting occurred a few counties over from where I was raised, in our quad state area. There were 19 injured, 14 shot, two passed away. Hurt people will hurt themselves, or other people.


I was asked, as many have stated, “What is happening in this world?” I’m sharing my exact quote; “You’ve asked, I’ll share. All the watering down of God’s Word, less parenting, more netflix, on going violent video games. Less caring parents, increase problems in children. I’ll be having a talk w/my two younger children. No one can be left alone in a troubled mind.” One of my son’s classmates took his life three weeks ago and now a 15 year old male, choosing to shoot 14 people, two dead. Now this hurting child is facing double murder and multiple attempted murders- if treated as an adult, he’ll never leave prison walls. Where this would be hell to us…this child may have felt he was already living in hell. We know his actions are unthinkable, I see a precious child, warning signs were missed, and help never came.

Word Knowledge

How are we going to help these individuals before they reach a breaking point? One big move forward, is being kind. I’m the mom who loves to say hello to everyone and if someone seems resistant, my desire is to talk more. My daughter could not be more opposite, maybe more like her dad in this area. It will take more than kindness. Having a gift of discernment- thinking we all have a little developed through a growing Word knowledge, and for others a dominant gifting. I would’ve been happy with beautiful vocals…this is a heavy burden to carry. We must cease what we’re doing and pray. God will hear our prayer. Many are wondering what we can do…let’s pray for God’s direction and leadership to be willing to address concerns. I know… many more questions we need to ask and actions need taken.


We have hope, in this world, Jesus said we would have troubles, yet, He overcame the world. This has always been a favorite verse of mine, especially in my early training days, feeling completely misplaced when God had me exactly where He wanted me…if Jesus overcame this world, so can I! As we pray and discern, So can you!

Be encouraged!

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