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Tongue- Words- Attitudes- Heart…Overcome

Tongue- Words- Attitudes- Heart...OvercomeLikewise the tongue is a small part of the body, but it makes great boasts. Consider what a great forest is set on fire by a small spark. (James 3:5 NIV)

Heart to Heart

Wednesdays will always be heart matters. Words spoken do not come back empty, Prophet Isaiah knew very well. Words can move particular mountains/obstacles in our path. There is a great amount of good coming from spoken words. That is…if we apply scripture to our lives, a very specific area, needing much work. It is with our tongues, words roll; activated by thoughts in our minds, and learned behaviors. The heart plays a big part, yielding to God’s Word.


The heart is either most deceptive or a well spring of life. The tongue is used for good or evil. Choices…in this life there will always be choices. How we choose, determines course of action for days ahead. Lately, I’ve been hearing such loose tongues criticizing our President, flippant- like a person who just really wants to dislike someone. There are lots of people like this- they find reasons not to like a person, evading attempts to understand the person or their motives.


No one wants to live with rats- draining the swamp will remove all hidden in darkness. Who is upset major jobs are staying or coming back to America? Sadly, there are store closings due to new way of ordering online. There is always a loss in old ways of doing things while a progressive service moves forward in different direction. Lower taxes? Anyone working for hard earned money- upset taxes are being lowered? This is why immigration is so important to top ranking dems- Americans want America great again, many more understanding this fact. If they give, give, give to immigrants, they are only trying to buy their loyalty for a vote. Do they really care? If they do not care about hard working Americans, seems they only care for themselves.


Watch how easily words flow from others, then reflect how easily attitudes shape our words- how they impact others; greater good for God, others, and self. Taming our tongues is not fun nor an easy process. Yet, with God’s help, taking captive every contrary thought, and purifying motives, we can easily overcome.

Be encouraged!

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