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Unified, Acknowledging God- Avoid Denying

Unified, Acknowledging God- Avoid DenyingSo everyone who acknowledges me before men, I also acknowledge before my Father who is in heaven, but whoever denies me before men, I also will deny before my Father who is in heaven. (Matthew 10:32, 33 ESV)

Motivating  Monday!

Thank God…it’s February! I’ve never seen as many attacks against people as happened in January. We must guard our homes and families with God’s Word and boundaries of prayer. Be very protective, praying and asking The Holy Spirit to direct us in truth, help us with daily task, counsel us in directions to go, and trust our constant companion. The Trinity- God, Jesus, and The Holy Spirit, the perfect example of power/empowerment unified.


If watching the Super Bowl last night, we saw a unified group of guys- known as an underdog team. Take the attacks from NFL players questioning importance of standing for our national anthem and have a season end with a team giving God all the glory- even the Eagles’ Head Coach. This is our God, front and center, showing the world- He is in complete control. When acknowledging God before men, He acknowledges us before God. The new Super Bowl Champs are a perfect example.


This is powerful- answered prayers are needed. It does not take long being connected with many in our country and around the world, to see miracles needed. Touching the throne room of God, unifies us with God- through Jesus, our intercessor and The Holy Spirit quickening our Spirit with knowing what to pray. He is faithful, trust and believe.


Saturday night was spent with friends, raising funds for our school. A setting not our usual, yet when worship began in church yesterday…I was like, “God, this is where I want to be…unified with You.” I want my life to speak loudly- acknowledging the most precious gift ever given, a relationship with Jesus Christ. I don’t want this for the acknowledgment, however, He does this for our good. And…I am most thankful. Jesus has two choices: He will acknowledge or deny…what will it be? Let’s be motivated to make sure Jesus selects acknowledging.

Be encouraged!



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