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Children: A Heritage From God, A Reward

Children: A Heritage From God, A RewardBehold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward. (Psalm 127: ESV)

Forward Friday! 

Today is a special day for me, not that it’s a national holiday- it’s the last ‘Doughnut Friday’ of elementary school. When my oldest began Kindergarten, we established Doughnut Friday, a stop for doughnuts and milk before heading to school. Over the years, fading in and out, my daughter is a firm partaker in this special day. She claims we’ll continue through high school. Children from the womb, and children from the heart…all a heritage from the Lord.


Jesus says what is done to the least of these, happens to be done unto Him…children are very special to Jesus. He understands their heritage more than we can imagine. As discussed with one of my friends, whose special little guy battled cancer and left a legacy here in their hearts. We do not understand, however, we can trust God calls children home for a greater purpose beyond our comprehension.

Special Moments

Photos of last days of high school for many…I know such a transition for families. Take time for special moments this summer. Once they leave home for college, dynamics of how life has been does change. We move forward by remembering our high school graduation and how excited were were- thinking we finally arrived to adulthood. Little did we know so much more to learn- and our children will, too. We move forward by accepting new seasons in our lives. God is so good- and thinking how much He loves our children, wraps around me like a warm blanket one way and like wearing a robe and crown another way. This is a tall order raising children in today’s world.


Mary believed God’s promise to her…Luke 1:45 Blessed is she who has believed that what the Lord has said to her will be accomplished. The mother of Jesus, who accepted God’s calling without hesitancy. Mother’s and Mother figures in our lives hold special memories. My own mother passed away with ALS 31 years ago, never far from my thoughts. It’s wonderful seeing attributes reflected in our children being from The Lord. The older hymnal comes to mind…Not just me- We are blessed, every morning when we rise, we are blessed…God is faithful.


And…since children are a heritage from God- it’s best to consult Him on raising our children, guidance and direction as we parent. It takes being pro-active, not reactive. In the end…we want to raise Bible believing, great citizens in each one’s country. Please pray for my oldest, he leaves with a college group this Saturday for two weeks in Ghana. May God bless their trip, keeping each one safe, learning all they set out to do, and return home safely. In Jesus’ name- Amen. Happy Mother’s Day to all and let’s take time to celebrate children in our lives.

Be encouraged!



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