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Creation…God’s, Majestic w/Brilliance of Light

Creation...God's, Majestic w/Brilliance of LightIn the beginning God created the heavens and the earth. Now the earth was formless and empty, darkness was over the surface of the deep, and the Spirit of God was hovering over the waters. And God said, “Let there be light” and there was light. (Genesis 1:1-3 NIV)

My journal entry 5-22-18:

God, your creation is majestic in all ways- reaching every corner of this world. Respectful, finding relevance, which is easy to do for all who earnestly seek You. If more people take serous their actions that claim to be your children, the church would clearly be seen as the beacon of light, we’re meant to be. 

Light…each believer, the light of Christ. Imagine the brilliance of light when unified, working together. The clutter and confusion in today’s world, cast a darkness over your pristine creation. Bitter, jealousy, anger, gossip, malice, sexual immorality, strife, murder, slander, threats, manipulation, including over-eating, gluttony- Lord, all ways we oppose your beautiful creation. 

If, each and every person would stop and reflect-no matter how buried under one may feel…what is most needed is hope. The ability to see a way out and take the higher road available through You. The only way- through Jesus Christ, Our Lord. 


Travel is not far, in order to marvel in God’s creation. My view of the ocean yesterday, did not touch a view posted from Oregon, the mountains as a back drop to a beautiful lake. Have you ever been in Northern California? I’ve always said…satan knows how beautiful God made California with Christian values attacked to the point, a devised plan formed dividing CA in three separate states. Colorado tried to separate into two not long ago. The defining lines become clearer daily. As evil works to break down as many states as possible, God’s people must come together unified. A dire need to create this brilliance of light, having healthy churches as beacons of light.


What makes a church healthy, a beacon of light? First, God’s infallible Word is preached- understanding there is a Heaven and a Hell. There is good vs. evil and such things as sin, conviction, forgiveness, and repentance. balance this Truth…God’s love. There is a new song out- first words are like…there are no conditions. I do not agree with this. If we take our Christian walk serious…there are conditions. We stop sinning. If we want to be called a friend of Jesus, we will follow His commands. There are conditions…we have to ask Jesus into our hearts. The more liquified Truth becomes…the more a church’s foundation crumbles. There is no unity in crumbling foundations, only expanding darkness. What will we do? Time to stop and reflect.

Be encouraged!


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