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Pure Spiritual Milk…Basis for Spiritual Maturity

Pure Spiritual Milk...Basis for Spiritual MaturityLike newborn infants, long for the pure spiritual milk, that by it you may grow up into salvation if indeed you have have tasted that the Lord is good. (1 Peter 2:2,3 ESV)

Talking Veggies

Last night I purposely chose a meal based on vegetables. I’m not a fan of carrots, yet made myself eat. While thinking about carrots, I’m reminded of 2nd grade and my teacher making us take a bite of broccoli every time. I really disliked broccoli. God’s Word is good for us, yet many find distasteful. However, we have to refuse what worldly flesh craves, aligning with God’s Word. Here’s the problem…God’s people are becoming less willing to align with His Word. With this happening, anyone new to Christ are lacking strong/mature mentors for discipleship. And when churches weaken God’s Word- individuals have prematurely been placed in leadership lacking spiritual maturity.

Pure Spiritual Milk

It’s not a bad idea- to back up and rethink pure spiritual milk. Our basis in a Christ- centered life, a Christ-centered church has to begin with pure spiritual milk. Once we’re ready for more, we grow up in our salvation, a trustworthy believer able to help disciple new believers. When experiencing God’s goodness, we realize nothing compares. It’s hard for people to believe when unwilling to trust or they’ve been hurt by people misrepresenting Christ. If our actions reflect more of the world, we really have to make this a heart matter. The heart can be most deceptive, or can be a well spring of life. The devil does not want us to experience the well spring of life, he works feverishly being deceptive.


The world we live, easily clutters our lives…if we’re not careful. As I have matured in life, I love broccoli. I love it raw, I love it steamed and I do not want cheese…with maturity, we gain deeper perspectives. Hope time was taken to listen to the sermon, Lydia-, Columbia, Missouri. It’s a cultural narrative stirring many problems, when our souls long for God’s narrative. Praise God for all churches staying true to God’s Word. They are not political correct, and likely people have been offended seeking less convicting sermons. Conviction is a key element during the maturing process. The Holy Spirit is the Spirit of Truth and will convict us when wrong thoughts occur and actions oppose God’s alignment. The sooner adjustments are made, into God pleasing thoughts and actions…quicker we develop spiritual maturity. By this time, we definitely want others to taste and know God is good.

Be encouraged!

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