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Bold As A Lion, God’s Way- His Will!

Bold As A Lion, God's Way- His Will!The wicked flee when no one pursues, but the righteous are as bold as a lion. (Proverbs 28:1 ESV)

Motivating Monday! 

Today’s verse has intrigued me. Am I bold as a lion? Since today is Monday, it’s time we roar! Not yell and complain, bold is all together different. Boldness is defined as willingness to take risk, confidence or courage. When accepting Jesus’ call to come, we take a risk. It’s risky to stand apart from current circles, becoming bold for Christ Jesus. A growing Word knowledge helps thicken skins to avoid tanking emotionally. Someone speaks against me- call me blessed.


Proverbs 28:1 was spoken over my middle child. He just spent last week at Kanakuk’s K-7, a summer Christian Sports camp. Wow! I have a child seen bold as a lion, I best not hinder God’s work in his life. In turn, I want to ensure I am a bold lion. Lisa Bevere’s Lioness Arising was read a few years ago. Powerful intent to ignite this kind of boldness, I loved this book. Yet, straight paths take detours at no fault of our own at times. We land what looks like a detour, exactly where God wants us. If this book has not been read, I encourage you to read. I’ll be revisiting my copy.


Voices developing within, when God says, time…boldness will surface with confidence and courage. We’ve all seen people from offices, churches, families, friend circles, teams…all areas of life that when they leave, no one cares. More than not, people remaining are relieved and job performance increases. But, the righteous are as bold as a lion. Righteousness is God’s free gift through salvation. His righteousness is not same as self-righteousness, which is the devil’s counterfeit.

God’s Way- His Will

God’s way- His will, is a new statement I’m repeating. He’s been reminding me many lessons through my middle child this year. Seeing how the world handles situations, and trusting God with our lives. This child was named one of two Indian Chiefs for next year, during the week he attends. Two Chiefs and two princesses are voted on by peers and approved by staff. They are leaders over the campers; encouraging, praying, and helping each one as they can. God’s way- His will…much more than we can think possible. Someone needs this encouragement! What God does for one- He’ll do for others. Are we bold as a lion? If so, let’s stay encouraged, keeping eyes on Jesus, fulfilling God’s purpose. If not, time to direct eyes on Jesus, surrendering self-will to Him, accepting all Jesus has planned. I promise- every time, it’s more than ever imagined with our minds.

Be encouraged!


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