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Church: Meaningful, Earnestly Praying

Church: Meaningful, Earnestly PrayingSo Peter was kept in prison, but the church was earnestly praying to God for him. (Acts 12:8 NIV)

Forward Friday!

I believe at any time, God will direct readers to this blog. Believers, Non-Believers, and those with peaked interest have thoughts stimulated, and those willing are encouraged. We’ve all landed in situations and someone may be there right now, when the feel of prison walls surround, or pressure felt by guards- not literal for most, yet…the need for help. Peter had the church.

The Church

I’ve heard and spoke many times wondering…what we would do without our church. Through three babies and back surgery, our church and those praying meant the world to us. Dinners prepared after funerals of relatives, my mom, and dad years later, prayers that followed…I’m eternally grateful. Are thoughts stirring within you how many times church families have made meals, prayed and fasted, visited in the hospital, held showers, cared for our every need…because of Christ’s love flowing through each one.


King Herod began arresting those who belonged to the church. James, brother of John, died by a sword. Peter was placed into prison, bound by two chains, as guards stood watch. Chance of freedom, seemed to whittle away. If we do not believe, and no church is praying…what? What is there to replace a church earnestly praying?


God is faithful. As I remember all the older generation, now celebrating in Heaven…and those who remain in my home church and churches we have been part of to church we attend now…same for you…think about how much our churches have meant. Now, consider something so unimaginable…the crumbling foundations of many churches in America, no longer standing firm on God’s infallible Word. Either churches grow exponential or numbers decrease…seems to be going one way or the other. More and more I hear people who have given up on church. They’ve not stopped believing, just no longer engaged in church. I can understand…I’ve joked we home-school church. Yet, it’s not funny. I would love my kiddos to have same church experiences I had being raised in Western Kentucky.


This makes me think about the local swimming pool where many of us swam during our childhood. The local storefront was torn down yesterday. I assume the big cement pool will be gone, too. Nice they are replacing with a new water park of sorts. Children today will not know the afternoons of fun held by many…slipping summer days away and never knowing how ice cold the water was opening day, yet, had to be there.

Moving Forward! 

A new water park is warranted. I am sensing a similarity between this example and churches. Only thing with church, buildings can change, seating can change….yet, God’s Word will never change. It is the same yesterday, today, and forever more. Therefore, be aware anyone trying to take away or add to God’s Word. It’s critical we guard hearts and minds, keeping alert to the devil’s schemes. Because, we need the earnest prayers of praying churches more than ever.

Be encouraged!


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