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Light/Darkness…Woe to Anyone Calling Evil Good

Light/Darkness...Woe to Anyone Calling Evil GoodWoe to those who call evil good and good evil, who put darkness for light and light for darkness, who put bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! (Isaiah 5:20 ESV)

Forward Friday!

Have you ever wanted to block something out of mind- due to intensity of concern? I believe this is where I’ve been, allowing myself to look elsewhere, mainly immersed in family activity. Schools have begun for many, we still have a few weeks. I’m marveling in thoughts of a yo-yo! This summer feels like a continuous yo-yo or possibly more of a whirlwind, we’ve had our oldest experience two international trips, and led our local GOP office; baseball travel for one, and our youngest with soccer and camps. As one was in Bangkok, Thailand, we allowed our 16 yr old to drive himself across state to volunteer at Kanakuk Kamps this week, and our youngest turned 15 and began driving. Hit with reality, four more years and we’ll be moving our youngest into college. We want our children to develop independence and mature…it sure is hard to lessen boundaries and let go.


I hope summer has been going well for you. Consistency in blogging has been a challenge, current darkness revealed is almost too much, however, when praying for God to shine light on all darkness…this even means within the church. The latest with Willow Creek Church is another incredible sad situation. This pastor has been well respected by our pastor, even attended our church’s 25 year anniversary. David and I had red flags then…never dismiss discernment. Sin is approved in today’s society, where Biblical Truth is no longer valued. Here’s another hit- how can a church be left with no remaining pastors or current elder board? I realize a restructure/healing team is likely in this church. However, what about all the people moved further away from believing God or trusting Him outside of the church, all across this nation and world?


This blog has always been about bringing awareness to deception, the devil is here to steal, kill, and destroy. Anything the devil can do- he can only do if we- flesh and blood individuals, relent what we believe and values we hold- from what we’ve been taught…fall into sin. The devil works through every attempt to discredit God and The Church. Therefore, the church must mature. Christians must desire more than spiritual milk. As we mature, we grow in knowledge, developing stronger wisdom, and understanding. With matured in Christ, foundations are built to withstand storms, like a pastor’s failure or anyone held higher in one’s eyes…people are human. It’s not only sexual harassment issues, there is pride and control as well. For all have sinned and fallen short of the glory of God, and when we do…we must repent and ask for forgiveness.

Moving Forward!

As we move forward this weekend, let’s pray for this hurting church, for victims, for doubters and nay-sayers, for the lost who feel justified. God is our Redeemer, Reformer, and Rewarder…He will keep shining light on darkness, the one and only true Judge over our lives. His Word will stand forever.

Be encouraged!

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