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Urgency: Call God, Prayer Needed

Urgency: Call God, Prayer NeededLet everyone call urgency on God. Let them give up their evil ways and their violence. Who knows? God may yet relent and with compassion turn from his fierce anger so that we will not perish. (Jonah 3:8b, 9 NIV)


We are calling urgency on God, praying for God’s intervention turning our country back to Him. The economy is turning around, what about churches? The church we attend celebrated 30 years. Our head pastor is a genuine servant of Christ, humbled, pure heart while preaching Truth. What is amazing, he worked with the Methodist authorities and began this church in a movie theatre. What sets this pastor apart from many- he never claims any ownership of this church. Others in this situation at some point attempt to gain assets as their own- fact. Greed and Pride are silent killers.


Nineveh was an important city in Assyria. God loved Nineveh, even though cruel and hardened, people were ruthless and blood thirsty. Jonah was sent to preach against their wickedness. He wanted no part, running opposite direction. A story we learn early in life- if we’ve been to church. A storm came, lots were cast to see who was responsible. The lot fell on Jonah and he was thrown into the sea, swallowed by a big fish. While in the belly of a whale, he prayed. Once out of the fish, God spoke to Jonah- giving him a message for Nineveh.


There are several angles of wisdom from this story. Obedience is a big lesson, yet, for me I see a city that Jonah did not want to go- not wanting them to have a chance to repent. He may have felt- already too late. How does this tie into our churches? We have cities all over America- large and small in need of God’s messengers, proclaiming Truth, repentance needed.


As much as we need messages of repentance and turning from wicked ways, a must to ensure health of our churches. What makes a church healthy? People. People are the church, and core of today’s problems. Where there are people, there are problems. When hearts soften, ears hear, and eyes see…Biblical Truth is received…we grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. This mob’s anger demonstrates evil ways and leads to violence. We have an urgency to pray- May God have compassion and save us from perishing.

Be encouraged!

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