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Wicked/Evil…Can Change w/God’s Intervention

Wicked/Evil...Can Change w/God's InterventionArise, Oh Lord; O God, lift up your hand; forget not the afflicted. Why does the wicked renounce God and say in his heart, “You will not call to account?” But you do see, for you note mischief and vexation, that you may take it into your hands. (Psalm 10:12- 14a ESV)

Forward Friday! 

Moving forward, looking for new outlooks in a world full of wicked/evil individuals. There really is a core group, and others have been misled. For us 40/50 year olds, we’ve been raised in the 80’s and 90’s when life was good. Baby Boomers have been around for the 60’s when life became challenging. The 50’s were good, after 40’s and wars. For many of us, current societal confusion is unsettling. How is today different from previous times? Please share.


Have there always been wicked individuals, pure evil trying to disrupt America’s solid foundation, questioning our constitution? My youngest is in a civic’s class now. I’ve encouraged her to study well and know the importance of our government. Clearly we’ve seen NY and AZ elect two congress members who seem to challenge, lacking a clear understanding. Understanding Civics, the judicial branches, the bases of our constitution- all very important. America is not against illegals- there is a process to citizenship. You move to America, need to learn English and our laws. If Americans moved to any other country, we would need to acclimate to their culture and learn their language.


King David poured his heart in every Psalm. When studying Psalm 10 during BSF this past week, this chapter really stood out to me. Wicked and evil men have been around since Lucifer was kicked out of Heaven. Confident God will hold each one accountable, though pride and self-assumption prevents them thinking they will be held accountable. Not much has changed over centenaries. Thinking about wicked ones today- I began praying for them. Saul was out to destroy Christians, not different from ones debating in CA to remove Bibles sales from their state or even key ones with evil rooted from Hitler. Join me in praying God will change their hearts as Saul struck by blinding light- spent three days blind, beginning to trust God- becoming a servant of Christ, started early churches.

Life Changing

Can the same and even worse wicked/evil individuals be saved like Saul? Yes! I am praying for G. Soros to have a life changing experience. We can take this crisis and turn into an opportunity. Imagine…if we began praying for the wicked to change like Paul. What God does for one, He’ll do for another. He proved what he can do through Paul. We don’t coward down to evil, we stand firm in God’s Word- reason why God’s Word is needed to be studied. He will not forget the helpless, and He will not forget you. We serve one- amazing, faithful God.

Be encouraged!

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