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Humble: Humility Dismissed, Pride Surfaces

Humble: Humility Dismissed, Pride SurfacesBut he gives more grace. Therefore it says, “God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” (James 4:6 ESV) 

Motivation Monday!

December 3rd, and all decorated for Christmas. A friend posted, not decorated at all, and some may be in the middle…this is most unusual for me. I sat here with  the thought… Dear Jesus, I want to be humble, without having to eat humble pie. I’ve had my share and not a desired taste. Have you ever considered drive-thru individuals form an opinion of you? I make daily stops at our local Panera, and yesterday the car ahead had been rude- someone becoming known nationally…was rude at the local level.


So what is our base level- this is where we start with humility. Never wanting to think higher of ourselves and I’m very sorry if this has been true of me. All I want- just like Michael W. Smith sings…Above serve God with all my heart. When I first heard this song, Above all,  my husband, wise by all standards, felt we had to find a closer church to our home. Not only was this my husband’s wish, it was God’s will. To ever move forward in God’s Will, we have to leave our comfort zones. Our flesh thinks of it as leaving, because we feel all the emotions having to let go, like letting go of my warm- snuggly blanket, aka- my home church. Our inner Spirit sees this as arriving at new level in God’s purpose.


I did not like this and God could not have possibly wanted me to leave my home church. Humble was not yet in my vocabulary. Our little finite brains can only think about self in the beginning of our spiritual journeys. I would hear Above All in worship, and begin crying, feeling like this rose, trampled on the ground. Yet, had I not surrendered my entire being to serve God, husband or no husband- I just wanted to serve God. Thankfully, He did give me David almost immediately. Bless him, as we have been on this spiritual journey together.

God’s Purpose

We will soon be married 25 years, yet left my home church close to 20 years ago. As I write, and hindsight is 20/20, I’m amazed. We are on a constant movement forward, learning more about Christ, studying His Word, and pursuing His Will for our lives. As long as we are breathing, God’s purpose is to be grasped. Many of you may be retired, or in a season of changing careers. Someone is feeling trampled and needs to know God wants to take your broken heart, and turn all out for your good and His.

Immeasurably More!

As long as we remain humble, God is able to do immeasurably more than we can ever imagine. For me, fill my heart and mind with God’s Word, toughen my skin to bring awareness to deception, understanding spiritual warfare- not wanting people to be deceived. All for God’s Kingdom, and protection of faithful, established churches on earth. What is your calling, as we all work together for the same end purpose?

Be encouraged!

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