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Transforming: Avoid Being Weak/Devoured

Transforming: Avoid Being Weak/Devoured“But you, dress yourself for work; arise, and say to them everything that I command you. Do not be dismayed by them, lest I dismay you before them. And I, behold, I make this day a fortified city, an iron pillar, and bronze walls, against the whole land, against the kings of Judah, it’s officials, its priests, and the people of the land. They will fight against you, but they shall not prevail against you, for I am with you, declares the Lord, to deliver you.” (Jeremiah 1:17-19 ESV)

Motivating Monday!

Hello dear friends! Many may wonder how I became so bold in my stand for Christ. After hearing a disturbing sermon on good aspects of weakness, David and I both went to our mandate verses and no way are we to be weak. Given yesterday morning, late going to bed and losing an hour, I awakened very tired and spoke to God, “I am weak, I know when I am weak, You are strong.” This is when God speaks to our hearts and we are reassured. This socialist movement wants people weak. The world does not want God’s people to know God’s laws, if so…we would have more transforming into Christ likeness, desiring to grow in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. The devil would gain less, churches would be strengthened, and we might bring respect back to God’s Word- The infallible Word of God, The Bible.


It’s not about how fun a party can be thrown- souls are at stake, societal confusion is at an all-time high, right is being made wrong and wrong is right in many saturations. People are receiving mixed messages from the Church. This is how the devil can pound and pound until he weakens- it is the weak, he looks for to devour.


God directed me to today’s Scriptures, June 2001; I was sitting in the Memphis Pyramid listening to Beth Moore teach. The Lord captured my thoughts- directed me to this scripture by a piece of paper with this book and scripture numbers, having been in my bible for a few years. I read and was in awe- not only was this Jeremiah’s call, this became my life’s mandate. It was unknown how God would reveal His plan. Fast forward a few more years, refining years calming, seasons of fasting and praying were a success…God released my destiny. And even to one of my Bible mentor’s surprise, God had called me to write. We are constantly evolving into God’s Will for our lives. Only reason the devil wants us to doubt or embrace weakness…slows momentum to who God is transforming- delaying His purpose.

Lesson Learned

I love having fun! Yet, when God tells me to say everything He commands me- I fear God, more than I fear man. In a good way- I want to honor God’s law, and grow my faith, believing in greater faith, encouraging all to do. I had a lifeless child at age 3, crushed beneath an ATV- I know my healthy, very disciplined athletic child turned 17 last week, because of the army we had praying, yet more personal- David and I were equipped with Scripture knowledge, did not allow weakness. We stood firm praying and believing God to heal his body. The reason why this attack happened to our family-we were in a weak- disgruntled situation over moving to a new town. The devil saw our weakness- and thought he could devour, destroying our family. Praise God- this did not happen. Lesson learned.


Not only do I fear God- in a reverent way, I trust God. People come against me and I am not ignorant to silent enemies, yet, God promises they will not prevail. God will deliver, if…I say what He commands me to say. I must stay obedient to His Word, be in prayer, and discern good/evil. It is time to uproot, and tear down, to destroy and overthrow, to build and to plant. We’ll be transforming more than ourselves, transforming God’s Church. He’s coming back- who will be ready?

Be encouraged!


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