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Fear Not! Scripture Lasts All Generations

Fear Not! Scripture Lasts All GenerationsFear not, for I am with you; be not dismayed, for I am your God; I will strengthen you, I will help you, I will uphold you with my righteous right hand. (Isaiah 41:10)

Forward Friday!

Thankful God informs through Scripture- His Word is for all generations. God is not surprised by what America is experiencing, it’s not His first rodeo. When sin increases, and seems to have exploded with many churches justifying sin, America is in trouble. Fear struck like a wave pounding my heart last night- the reality of how close our freedoms are slipping.

Be Informed

Have you heard of the Red Flag laws in 17 states? If someone makes a complaint, law can take a person’s guns. What looks innocent when reading about this- if someone is depressed or dementia, family members may file a complaint. How about when leftist are elected and hate has already been an attack on Christians speaking truth- what will keep them from using this law? This is not a win for America.

Success or Defeat?

I know many good people who are against President Trump and some die-hard Democrats- what are these individuals going to do; people like me have been speaking truth and trying to clarify societal confusion. The truth will always surface, will it be too late. Instead of major economic success under President Trump- do they wish the economy would tank again? I’m really puzzled how people are against all the good happening in America. Our President is not meant to be our pastor. Democrats love to believe lies and even if some are true…Jesus taught us well- those without sin, throw the first stone. America has been given a chance to bring back order, upsetting Democrat elites plans to weaken American to overtake. Americans are happy to be back working.


While churches have entertained and stopped preaching sin/conviction/repentance or hell, comforting all to feel good about attending church, the left has worked feverishly to spread their self-induced agenda. It is enough to strike fear, yet, there is no time to fear, we have a mountain of work to accomplish. We can not remain quiet or indifferent any longer. We have to awaken the slumbering, and begin with taking back churches for Christ and God’s infallible Words. God will not bless, what His Word opposes. Thankful a friend shared this thought with me…so true.


God is so good, and He promises to be our shield and rear guard, He is faithful. He will strengthen us, and help. When fear tries to grip our heart, let’s remember how we’ll be upheld by God’s righteous right hand. This my friend, we can move forward and be assured, God will protect His children. Anyone who calls on the name of our Lord, will be saved.

Be encouraged!


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