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Deceived: Must be Diligent to Avoid Corruption

Deceived: Must be Diligent to Avoid CorruptionDo not be deceived: “Bad company corrupts good morals.” (1 Corinthians 15:33 ESV)

Motivating Monday!

This past weekend and starting today, many kiddos are heading back to college. Many starting their first year. A college friend of mine questioned on fb, in three words- what would we tell our 18 year old selves. I’ve pondered this a great deal, because so much happens at 18. No longer in high school and given freedom, a taste of independence entering next phase of life.


I would tell my 18 year old self, “Vicki, stay focused!” It’s easy to rock an 18 year old off a solid foundation when life throws a curve ball. As this is possible at any age, a little more during this major transition. As we prepare for my middle child to head to college this week, and seeing several of his friends will be first child leaving; prayers for all parents.


Scripture is clear, we have to be diligent not to be deceived or as a few translations will say- not misled. Paul saw this happening in the Corinth Church, and same happens today. As parents, we must pray and pray a little more…even most respected Christian campuses, the devil is working to grip and deceive. How? Things pleasing to the eyes, items we know we aren’t suppose to indulge, while being pulled into sin. This is how the devil will deceive us by bad company corrupting our good morals.


It’s easy to find good company as falling into bad company- we have to be alert, and diligent into finding positive friendships. Through prayer and more prayers, growing strength in learning God’s Word…key factors keeping us from being deceived. God’s Will is important Let’s be motivated to keep detours to a minimum, because going the wrong path wastes time. Thankfully, accepting Jesus Christ as our personal Savior, He is a Redeemer and will gently nudge us back on track. As Christians, Scripture guides us to seek God’s holiness and righteousness. Why? Because He is holy, Prayers for all this week!

Be Encouraged!

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