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Labor Day Prayer

Labor Day Prayer


My soul finds rest in God alone; my salvation comes from Him. He alone is my rock and my salvation; He is my fortress, I will never be shaken. (Psalm 62:1,2 NIV)

Happy Labor Day! This Motivating Monday will honor all laborers with a pray. Please join me in this prayer and continue with additional thoughts as God brings to your mind. Thank you.


Labor Day Prayer

Dear Jesus,

Today represents a day of rest for all who work. Work is part of your plan for our lives. In proverbs, wisdom shares that a man who does not work, will not eat. We join together right now for all individuals who desire to work and cannot find a job. We ask for doors to open, as fresh motivation is stirred in each one to seek you for guidance. Give courage to those who need to press on through discouragement. It may be a path to return to school and learn a new trade or look in a different area. Give spontaneous thoughts today.


We pray over our economy in the United States and around the world. We are thankful for every opportunity available for individuals. We pray over their gifts and talents that you may guide and direct them into the area that has been ordained for them. Guide and direct our country’s leadership to be inspired to develop a plan that will move everyone towards employment. It has never been your plan, God, for government to take care of people. This was designed for the church. However, America’s Government is trying to grow larger as deception blankets more and more people. We all have to work to turn this around and restore the church based on Biblical truth.


We pray over all children that you will place a solid role model in their lives for a strong work ethic to be instilled. May no child go hungry. May you rescue all children who are abused, without a home, or are troubled for other reasons.


Encourage believers to test you on tithing. To tithe on the net or gross determines how serious you want to test God. You are faithful and just in all you do. Those who will seek you, will find you.

In your precious name, Jesus, we pray. Amen

It’s Motivating Monday! Be encouraged!


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