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Passion Stirs Inward- Expressed Outward

Passion Sirs Inward- Expressed OutwardlyWith many other words he warned them; and he pleaded with them, “Save yourselves from this corrupt generation.” Those who accepted his message were baptized, and about three thousand were added to their number that day. (Acts 2:40,41 NIV)


MLB, NCAA, and NFL have one thing in common- dedicated fans. Any time teams are narrowed down to final four or working towards a World Series tittle, dedicated fans turn into passionate fans. Trust me, Cardinal fans felt an extreme range of emotions this week. I believe what we saw in final comments, God gave the National League Championship win to who would give Him all the glory. Giant’s third basemen displayed praise every hit he made. One player praised Jesus Christ in an interview. We did not see Cardinals with much PDA- Public Display of Affection. Point is- 47,000+ fans fill Cardinal’s stadium during post season. This does not count fans watching from home.


Have you ever felt passion rise within? Passion seems to start deep and pass through every pore in our body. Once passion is built within, it’s outwardly expressed. Peter exemplifies this very thought. If you know Peter at all, you know he did not start out with passion to lead 3,000 individuals to Christ. Once he began following Jesus, he began training for such a time. More knowledge gained, more understanding grasped- all began building within him. Through his experience with Jesus, he was encouraged, he was rebuked, he tested waters, he sank, he obeyed, he reaped more fish than his net could hold. Every experience builds on the next experience. With each instance, faith was built. Stronger our faith, stronger we believe.

Politically Correct?

Deciding to become a believer of Jesus Christ is not politically correct. Let’s be honest, we see more passion against Jesus, against His Word. Some may think it cannot get worse. I would hold that thought- we’re only seeing the beginning. On flip side- imagine if the same intensity of a sports game stood for Jesus Christ how we could rock our universe. What can we do to stir passion within believers? Those willing to stand on Biblical Truth. To love as we speak truth. We start by living this way ourselves.

Moving forward

Forward Friday! Moving forward allowing passion for God and Biblical Truth to stir within. Not only saving ourselves from this corrupt generation, yet saving others. Time is now, God has been training us for such a time. Let’s see if we can stir passion around the world. Share a time when passion stirred for Christ. We would love to hear your story.

Be encouraged!

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