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Understand: Difference Paths- Different Ends

Understand: Difference Paths- Different EndsNow a man came up to Jesus and asked, “Teacher, what good thing must I do to get eternal life?” (Matthew 19:16 NIV)

Motivating Monday!

Motivating Monday! Take a deep breath, repeat after me- “I can, YES, I CAN!” We can step towards Jesus and ask same question as this man in scripture. Will Jesus’s answer be pleasing to hear? Not really, it goes against our screaming flesh desiring to stay unleashed. Like spilt Kool-Aid, staining new white shorts. Do we really believe individuals are happy turning backs to Jesus, refusing to accept His offer to live and not die? This we may not understand.


Lacking to understand is one of the greatest reasons individuals resist Jesus. For me- I became a disheartened Christian, turning Tigger into Eeyore. I was so happy, bounced right into my God- given marriage…and things changed. I loved people- I sat home alone. I baked, I gained weight. The gift of discernment developed- didn’t seem like a gift. I had no idea how to handle. Why would God do this to me? More I did not understand, harder my heart became. God must have decided at this point to pull me. Refining fire heated up.


When flames are felt- most people run. Taking narrow path is not easy. It’s why hell’s path is wide. Jesus says the only way to eternal life is to “Obey the commandments.” I would leave service in our new church. Unable to make it through worship songs. I would be singing about power of God’s love, feeling my heart crumble. Now looking back, not my heart, my self-will. I would have stayed tightly wrapped in my home church, forever. Yet, I would not have lived through all these crazy experiences to learn life lessons for today.


Finally, an epiphany this past weekend- I still love people. I’m still very much the people person I thought might have slipped completely into an introvert. Nothing wrong with introverts, only if you’re an extravert hiding out. I believe my wings are ready to soar, rising like an Eagle. Please hear my heart, whatever you are going through- God is with you. He will see you through every experience. Soften hearts to understand. Seek Him today- more we seek, more we understand.


We’re on a continual journey, until Christ calls us home. Following God’s commandments- seals our eternal home. If you or someone close has never accepted Jesus as Savior, visit and guide others to this website’s salvation page. True motivation to proceed in life.

Be encouraged!


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