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Presence: Comfort Through God’s Existence

Presence: Comfort Through God's ExistenceYou have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence, with eternal pleasures at your right hand. (Psalm 16:11 NIV)

Country Roads

Country roads take me home, to where I belong…such a catchy tune by John Denver. Humming this melody yesterday, flooded my heart and mind, returning thoughts to country roads of my childhood. However, my home has never been West Virginia nor can Western Kentucky replace longing for God’s presence.

Treasured Areas

If you’ve ever been away from a treasured area, you know the feeling of returning. It begins with a desire. We want to go there. A surge of electricity ignites a draw within to move forward. Figuring out details, mapping plan of action. Same for experiencing God’s presence. I have a special place for prayer. When I enter this space, I intend to enter God’s presence. It has nothing to do with space we designate for prayer. It’s connecting heart, mind, and soul with Christ’s heart.

God’s Presence

His presence envelopes our entire being, filling us with joy. King David’s depth of passion reveals his experience in God’s presence. He understood being filled with joy. Same for Moses, he would not go further without God’s presence. Once we’ve experienced God’s presence, we never want to go without Him. He makes our paths known. Never would I have guessed my path would be Missouri. Talk about Show-Me state, God- show me why you led me here. Sadly, this was my attitude.

Merciful and Mighty

What do we expect? We offer our lives to Him, desiring to follow God’s will. Go where He says to go, say what He says to say- the whole package. When He does send us there, why so shocked? Grateful, I learned to tune everything out, go to my prayer space and seek God’s presence. He is merciful and mighty. There is no greater place to be- than in God’s presence. It’s here God answers why. Those who seek Him, find Him. How about you?

Be encouraged!

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