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Sweet Words Avoiding Every Wrong Path

Sweet Words Avoiding Every Wrong PathHow sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! I gain understanding from your precepts; therefore I hate every wrong path. (Psalm 119:103,104 NIV)


Forward Friday! Thoughts are on sweet things associated with summer…desserts! From homemade ice cream to fresh strawberry cake to lemon meringue pie, they are sweet! Following a tried and true recipe leads to winning situations. It’s when we decide no recipe is necessary, sweet turns into sour. Leave a little sugar out or too much lemon can leave our taste soured.


Yesterday, I commented to friends- I wish I could take everyone I know and care about, keeping them from taking wrong paths. First borns tend to carry that independent mindset. This Junior year in high school dealt one distraction after another. Much of the time, our wisdom dismissed, altered sweet situations. Praise God, He is our Redeemer. I trust every day of this past year will be redeemed for God’s greater purpose. He is faithful. Whatever you or your child has dealt with- I know God is your Redeemer, too.


Since I have experienced my share of detours in life, it grieves my spirit man when someone wavers from God’s clear path. Understanding God’s precepts, growing closer, His words are sweet. Scripture states…God’s words are sweeter than honey. This is so true. More we seek Jesus- sweeter His words become. Because, when we shed off worldly characteristics, we’re able to clear our palates and taste God’s sweet words. Welcome them into our life making necessary changes, growing closer to holiness.

Good vs. Evil

I do hate every wrong path. Once we taste God’s sweet words, finding them sweeter than honey, we never want to waver off God’s perfect path. There we find God’s good and perfect gifts, not counterfiets offered by satan in disguise. Very important to grow in God’s precepts- we develop ability to discern between good and evil. Avoiding distractions and reaping sweet situations, all part of God’s plan for our lives.

Moving forward- seeking sweet taste of God’s words and staying on His clear path.

Be encouraged!



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