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Parables: Offering Hope, Replacing Darkness

Parables: Offering Hope, Replacing DarknessThe disciples came to him and asked, “Why do you speak to the people in parables?” (Matthew 13:10 NIV)


Successful processing weaknesses and strengths? Hope you’ve identified strengths while praying to develop further. Why buy an amusement park ticket and stand at the gate? Many illustrations can be used as parables today.


Jesus spoke in parables to help individuals open their eyes and ears to understand deeper than present circumstances. America seems shifted into this same situation. Have hearts become calloused as prophesy of Isaiah stated? God promises- if we begin hearing with our ears, seeing with our eyes, and understand with our hearts…making this turn, He will heal.


Many individuals are experiencing hopeless situations. Finding no hope in broken relationships, finances, health, or the economy. Jesus found common topics to use as parables-teaching spiritual truths. Here is a modern day parable…

The ‘Nudge’

Every individual is given 24 hours per day. How we manage time has cause/effect. I will be one God identifies as a challenge. Arriving to the airport late, unexpected line longer than ever seen at security- heart drops to hopeless state. A very honest feeling of despair/hopelessness of making our flight. When hopelessness first set in- The Holy Spirit nudged a way out. I was ready to turn around and come up with plan B. This was so unlike me- I’m normally cheering everyone- yes, we can! Not this time- what happened? It was like I blanked out on scripture- allowing room for despair. I acknowledged the nudge and walked to a person asking mercy. This happened to be the cranky one- who reminded me the two hour before flight arrival time. Turned out- such a blessing. She let me in and no one else objected. God is merciful and this simple airport story is light to a world of darkness. We have to stop the feeling of hopelessness immediately accepting The Holy Spirit’s nudge. I was ready to give up- God was willing to make a way.


It’s time to turn calloused hearts into hopeful hearts. No longer let the devil taunt individuals into hopeless situations, leaving them saturated with despair- left defeated. When there appears to be no way…God will make a way. Allowing simple parables to permeate dark situations. God wants us to be victorious. We want victory.

Be encouraged! Be Victorious!



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