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Passion to Understand- Increases Knowledge

Passion to Understand- Increases KnowledgeThen he opened their minds so they could understand the Scriptures. (Luke 24:45 NIV)


Who stayed up to watch beginning of the World’s Series last night- all 14 innings? I understand these individuals have passion for baseball. I confess…I am one of them. I love baseball, even with my favorite team’s play cut short. Yet, we feel this passion burn within watching play by play action.

Conscious Decision

Once I became serious with reading God’s Word, this same passion infused my heart. I made a conscious decision to sit down and begin reading my Bible. This is key to further knowledge and develop a relationship with Jesus. I was fresh out of college, re-committed my life to Jesus, and truly wanted to learn. We hear children Bible stories while attending church when younger, youth years spent passing notes for many- then before we know thrill of life takes off. Where does God land?


To my amazement- most of our childhood stories were found in Genesis. History from the Old Testament is very interesting. However, I could have never understood without asking Jesus to help me understand. He is faithful. So many individuals feel they cannot understand God’s Word. Even the disciples took time to understand. This helps us understand to keep seeking and as we do, Jesus will trust us with more knowledge.


Reading scripture with understanding, helps us to be responsible…not to be deceived. With knowledge gained, experience applying scripture turns every day circumstances out for our good. More we see God’s Word working in our life, more passion we have to seek further. When our heart desires to learn, Jesus is faithful to open our minds to understand the scriptures.


Jesus is waiting and willing. It is this simple, I promise. May passion begin to infuse our hearts. Where there is knowledge, people will not perish.

Be encouraged!


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