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Abrasive Situations/Spiritually Equipped

Abrasive Situations/Spiritually EquippedMy heart is steadfast, O God, my heart is steadfast! I will sing and make melody! Awake, my glory! Awake, O harp and lyre! I will awake the dawn! (Psalm 57: 7,8 ESV)

Chilled? Abrasive?

Motivating Monday! As this week begins, chilled to the bone for many. Epic blizzard hit Washington DC and surrounding states. Amazed on border of this system, we missed accumulation. We did not miss blistering cold temperatures. Cold air is abrasive. Unless caution is taken with winter wear, we’ll be defeated- fast. Much like when faced with abrasive situations- involving at least one cold heart.


When facing difficult situations- we have to prepare spiritually. The key turns as we awaken our souls. The other day- I kept trying to satisfy cravings within me by various foods- nothing sufficed. Situation became crystal clear- my soul longed for quiet time with scripture, prayer, and praise time. Taking time to awaken our soul, stirs energy within. Positive energy from God’s strength to gain proper perspective.


As energy builds, faith grows, belief becomes stronger, and our own confidence builds. All necessary to walk in wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. Twenty years ago, I was in the thick learning this principle. Our natural response to abrasive situations is nonflattering. However, once we’re spiritually equipped we walk in like the span of Eagle’s wings soaring with ease. Vengeance is mine sayeth, The Lord. Give it to God- He will deal with Individuals His own way.


In the mean time, God, create within a pure heart- a steadfast heart. Why be overloaded with irritants and abrasive situations? I know…many reasons. Living spiritually equipped takes on God’s best plans, soaring over distractions. The devil will try his best to shoot us down. Tell him- he’s a lier- father of lies; demand him to flee, he must flee. All part of being spiritually equipped.


It’s Motivating Monday! Let’s awaken our souls! Wrap warm for cold temps and work on becoming Spiritually equipped. When we seek, we find. Dear Brothers and Sisters…let’s be motivated to keep seeking! Being spiritually equipped is pertinent to overcoming.

Be encouraged!

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