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Identity: Who We Are- What We Believe

Identity: Who We Are- What We BelieveBy this it is evident who are the children of God, and who are the children of the devil: whoever does not practice righteousness is not of God, nor is the one who does not love his brother. (1 John 3:10 ESV)


I asked my 17 year old son, “What would you blog tonight if it was you?” He replied thoughtful, “I would address a problem that needs to be fixed.” With his answer, I ensured this is the exact purpose for this blog. A problem I saw long ago, yet, God sent me through years of refining my identiy to address issues in love.


In the process, my heart conformed to his heart. I hurt for individuals, mainly those neither hot or cold- they’re luke-warm. They claim sincerity for being a Christian, yet their choices reflect the world. Twenty years ago, my self-righteous response was abrasive. When I think back, God’s patience poured over me till I was able to get this right. Is there right and wrong- absolutely. Is the line clear cut? In this world-NO. It used to be…as more christians tire of boundaries regarded in the Bible to build and protect our identity in Christ, they shun truth and justify sin.


Identity in Christ takes on new persona dismissing old. It’s like sifting through rubble, keeping all good items. These items are washed, polished, ready to shine again. This is exactly what Christ does with us from point of salvation. We are baptized, refined- removing all dross, shining God’s light from within. As we seek more of Jesus, more of Jesus settles in our hearts and minds. As our identity in Christ develops, we grow more into God’s image. Loving like He loves- wanting mankind saved and His children matured to move further into their God-given purpose.


It’s very easy to become wrapped tight in wrong choices. Satan sugar coats deception. It’s already happening in the presidential candidates. In this situation, let’s pray God’s chosen servant for such a time as this will rise above all candidates. For truth to prevail and deception must cease. May we have an honest election, removing dishonesty. Through God’s sovereignty- may He not give up on America.

The Church

The church is foundation in this great land. More ground the enemy takes- more deception abounds. False teachers, false prophets, etc…Wednesday Warriors, lets raise voices in love to be heard and taken serious. We are here for a reason. What problem would you address?

Be encouraged!




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