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Maturing- God’s Authority- Higher Callings

Maturing- God's Authority- Higher CallingsOne day, the evil spirit answered them, “Jesus I know, and Paul, but who are you? (Acts 19:15 NIV)


Notes beside this scripture in my Bible, “Are you really saved? Are you doing work for Jesus?” There is a progression as one matures in Christ Jesus. We begin as babes in Christ, only able to digest milk. As we seek, we learn more about who we are in Christ. Maturing as we deepen Word knowledge- understanding evil vs. good. Aligning with God’s purpose for our lives. We’re not just handed over to higher callings. God invests lots of time and patience in our maturing process.

Understanding Authority

My point with using this scripture tonight is to help all understand- demons are not ignorant. The seven sons of Sceva were outsmarted. Demons were unable to recognize God’s authority in these men and knew the difference between real and fake. Demons know Jesus and they knew Paul. They know God’s authority today.

Power or Powerless?

I do not share this to distract anyone growing in God’s anointing. However, make sure there is not a false sense of security moving in Christ while justifying sin or attending churches where Biblical truth is sacrificed. Demons are real, they know. For these men- sons of a Jewish chief priest, who attempted to drive out demons in the name of Jesus, who Paul preaches…the demons knew they were powerless, God’s power was not recognized in them. Immediately, demons overpowered them all.


Discipleship is vital to church growth. History proves early Christians knew how to pay it forward. I’m thankful to be attending a church where staff desires to see spiritual babies grow up. If motives are after feel good sermons, then likely no maturing is happening. Maturing does not exist without discipline. Discipline will come through studying God’s Word- learning expectations set for Christ like actions. Dealing with enemies- it’s in there. Dealing with offenses- it’s in there. What? We’re not suppose to gossip? It’s in there. Keep the marriage bed pure- it’s in there. Kindness- it’s in there. Dealing with overeating- it’s in there. There are answers to every single experience in this life. Aligning situational proaction/reactions with God’s example will allow us to keep maturing.


Maturing- where our purpose directs, we’ll be trusted to handle higher callings. We’re always seeking Jesus, learning Word knowledge, and gaining insight. With God’s power, we resist the devil, he must flee. Therefore, moving forward maturing in Christ.

Be encouraged!


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