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Debates Clear Confusion, Moving Forward

Debates Clear Confusion, Moving ForwardHe did evil in the eyes of the Lord, following the detestable practices of the nations the Lord had driven out before the Israelites. (2 Kings 21:2 NIV)


Who watched last night’s debate? Debates are down to top five Republican candidates, Super Tuesday coming up with many delegates on the line. What’s really on the line is our freedom, possibly three Supreme Court seats to be appointed, and economic relations world wide. For me, I want to know who is going to stand with Israel.


During the debates, it’s easy to see a father figure- the one who repeats himself to direct attention back to point being made. The child attempting to direct attention away from their wrong. To a big brother who stands for his moment to strike. While two others stand close answering with wisdom, when they have a chance.

5 Vs. 2

We’re down to 5 vs. 2…soon to be 1:1. Seriously, could the Democrats not find a credible candidate? Where have we gone wrong for a candidate’s platform to reflect dishonesty or free handouts? This is not a high school student council race. We need one who can move forward correcting wrongs, and making rights. We must be careful not to be led astray. Leaders filled with evil, just like King Manasseh, disregard history and hard work before them.


It’s interesting two critical foundational truths for our country- have become most controversial 1) the Bible and 2) the United States Constitution. Foundational shaking is happening. Which candidate can calm underlying rumbles? Not creating more of a storm, causing more damage.


More than ever we need God’s guidance through prayer and fasting, discerning truth from deception. May God continue to emerge His ordained candidate. He does care what happens in America and around the world. While reading/studying Old Testament books, God always noted Kings who did good or evil in His sight.


It’s Forward Friday! Moving forward as momentum builds toward November. Christians seem to be topic of discussion. No, we’re not electing a church leader. However, we do want a leader with high integrity and great character. No less attributes than I pray over my own children and desire for myself. Let’s not stand for anything less for our country.

Be encouraged!

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