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Promises: Gained Knowledge and Understanding

Promises: Gained Knowledge and Understanding“Ask, and it will be given to you; seek, and you will find, knock, and it will be opened to you.” (Matthew 7:7 ESV)


Can we ask too many request of God? Nowhere does the Bible say…stop asking. Scripture says to ask, seek, and knock. Does every request align with God’s will? We have the tendency to serve self more than Christ. Until we discipline ourselves with Biblical knowledge, we’ll lack understanding- missing all of God’s promises.


While praising God for a dear friend’s healing, thrilled to see her comment on social media. Prayers and request made to God and her willingness to believe is combination for victory. Every day is a gift. Only God knows the day and time when our journey on earth is over. What struck me is this…we have been standing on the promises of God. I love old hymns.


Not knowing Biblical promises, lands one in a pickle. We hear many times when a tragic situation happens, “What do people do without the Lord?” “What do people do without their church family?” The only way to know God’s promises, is to study God’s Word. God’s Word does not return void. We make our request known, then supernatural power is released as we recall God’s promises.


A church family includes multiple levels of maturity. New Christians are entry level learning to understand God’s Word. With salvation, the old is gone and a new identity forms in Christ. This is a process where rate of progress depends on our willingness to surrender self. We no longer desire things of this world, if we do…then consider this stalling spiritual growth.

Moving Forward!

Forward Friday! Looking for results?  In order to partake in God’s promises, we move beyond entry level. We stop listening to lies shouted by the world. Remember- the air is ruled by satan, he is the father of lies. Yet, living for God is an amazing experience. More we read, more we know, more we grow. We ask, seek, knock and watch the door open.

Be encouraged!

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