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Seeking: Refocusing Eyes, Clearing Vision

Seeking: Refocusing Eyes, Clearing VisionFor all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God, and are justified freely by his grace through the redemption that came by Jesus Christ. (Romans 3:23 NIV)


Asking, seeking, knocking seems like logical moves to simple directions. This past weekend my 22nd wedding anniversary was celebrated. An easy task to state on social media, an insightful vision I had while in college for my future husband and 22 years later, I stand in awe. It’s almost like once a child is delivered, all morning sickness, discomfort, and labor pains are forgotten.


Does God speak to us when we’re covered in sin- yes. He knows his sheep by name, if not, I cringe considering alternative. Seemed I went to college and slipped into a false identity. There is the fact my mother died of ALS during first semester. With zero plans to ever move from my grounded foundation in Christ, the world has a way to grip when weak.


First receiving this vision, took a broken heart and a good cry to seek the Lord for direction. We end up with broken hearts, because we’ve made poor choices or someone close to us have made poor choices. Likely not seeming poor at the time, just simply from our own ideology, not seeking God.


Once given vision, my deceptive heart took it’s own course. Until we remove world mindsets, refilling with God’s Word, we cannot trust decisions made from our hearts. When I finally decided to seek God, with a church key in hand, time was spent at the alter. I purged all and surrendered all, asking God…if you want me to be single, I will be single; if you have a mate for me, I only want who you have for me. Simply put, I only wanted to be in God’s will.


With popularity of all on-line dating services, there is a simple approach- seeking God, asking Him. Within one month, I was introduced to my husband, by divine connections. One of my childhood friends had a college class with my future husband. They became friends. God holds direction and gifts till we are ready to handle.


What is God waiting to gift to you? Life can throw stones. We either sink into pity parities or take the hit and refocus our eyes upon Him. The devil plays dirty- we sink, we get muddy. Surrendering to Christ, is the sweetest experience coming clean.

It’s Monday!

It’s Motivating Monday! A great time motivated to seek Christ, purging all and surrendering all, aligning with God’s perfect provisions. No matter where we are in life, there is always work to be done and God’s grace to help us through.

Be encouraged!

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