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Spiritual Matters, Gaining Spiritual Depth

Spiritual Matters, Gaining Spiritual DepthFor we know that if the tent that is our earthly home is destroyed, we have a building from God, a house not made with hands, eternal in the heavens. (2 Corinthians 5:1 ESV)

Spiritual Matters

Earlier this week in Bible study, we were reminded the world does not know The Holy Spirit. Therefore, if they do not know, we can hardly expect non-believers to understand spiritual matters. On the other hand, individuals claiming to be a Christian, should have a growing knowledge of spiritual matters.


As we mature, we grasp that we are in this world to serve God’s purpose, not to be misled as those in the world. When a growing number of Christians do not believe the Bible to its entirety. This is a problem. No where in the Bible is a clause allowing a discourse from God’s Word, Biblical Truth. When an individual family begins to live by God’s principles- positive changes happen. What happens for this one family, can happen for every individual.


Why the big deal I blog? To avoid seeing individuals deceived living a false sense of security. Jesus says narrow is the gate to Heaven, wide path to destruction. Our life here on earth is temporal. We’re never guaranteed a next day. Is life more important living like the world or setting ourselves on a different course maturing in spiritual matters? I once thought my purpose derived around life in a white picket fence ideology. Stepping into marriage with my God-given man meant ready-set- go! Only I become stopped in my tracts.


Developing discernment led to learning about spiritual warfare. Gaining knowledge in both areas, came from one experience after another, one character test after another. This pattern proceeded on close to 11/12 years. Found my happy go lucky self, happy to become an introvert. It seemed like a time of hibernation, gaining strength for new season. Awakened thirsting and hungering for more Truth- soaking in every Word of God preached/taught. All in preparation for today. It’s been worth every step.

Moving Forward!

It’s Forward Friday! Spiritual matters- matter, developing spiritual depth. More depth developed, less of the world we desire. Entering later half of my 40’s- we’re reminded these earthly tents do not last. Deciding to take spiritual matters serious, will confirm our reservation in Heaven. Friend, I do not want anyone missing their reservation. Let’s move forward more serious, gaining spiritual depth.

Be encouraged!

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