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Timing, God’s Calling, Fasting and Praying

Timing, God's Calling, Fasting and PrayingHe replied, “Blessed rather are those who hear the word of God and obey it.” (Luke 11:28 NIV)


Timing is everything. Last night, Marco Rubio stated not his time. Timing can be tricky, too soon- too late. When diligent praying and proceeding in God’s will, we trust God’s timing to prevail. It’s difficult going through training years to prepare for perfect timing. Trust- we must trust in God’s sovereignty, obeying His Word.


How are changes going for everyone? Using the backward dive illustration has helped me. Recall previous life experiences where you experienced a victory. Think about the excitement concurred with achieving. I feel I’ve made my jump! I’m off the platform…maybe still the air coming down. With God’s help, I decided it was time. So amazed with the first sentence- I was stopped in awe. This may sound silly- yet, God is so good! I did finish writing first paragraph.


We have work to do preparing our hearts for days ahead. Courage is key. There will be more and more resistance to Biblical Truth. I stand amazed with God’s timing- calling into existence, Releasing Truth Ministry, bringing awareness to deception. Happening when most needed. It’s been close to 16 years ago when I felt first nudge in my heart, registering in my mind. I had zero ideas how God would bring this to be. Seems we’re on a need to know basis. Anyone thinking same?


My first trip to Mt. Hermon Christian Writer’s Conference was four years ago. It was a season of fasting and praying. The first morning, before ever leaving the room, I began to cry. I had been brave in obedience to arriving, just knew I was stepping into an unknown territory. God whispered in His sweet tone, “Vicki, embrace this- this is what I have for you.” This…would be the Christian writing industry. Just like God- with me unknowing- sent me to the grandfather of all writing conferences. When stepping up to embrace God’s calling, He sets forth only the best.

Fasting and Praying

I encourage you to stay faithful. Keep seeking truth, spending time in worship. Fasting is an amazing tool, challenging us to sacrifice food. Instead of eating, we pray. Totally surrendered, feeding on scripture as nutrients for our soul. Sensitivity to spiritual matters increase, flesh decreases. When needing a total breakthrough- try fasting and praying. Nothing gains God’s attention more than total sacrifice during fasting and praying. Trust God’s perfect timing.

Be encouraged!

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