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Exalted: Be Still and Know God, Trust Him

Exalted: Be Still and Know God, Trust Him“Be still, and know that I am God. I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” (Psalm 46:10 ESV)

Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day this weekend stirs mixed feelings for me. Thoughts of others who long to be mothers. Some feeling decision was unfair and made for them, others choosing not to be. I love my children. I loved my mom. She died from ALS when I was 17. However life’s circumstances unfold, God is to be exalted.


Not only is it Mother’s Day, many graduations are happening. It’s almost cruel timing to have Mother’s Day close to graduation. When my oldest was two, I would tear up during graduation celebrations at church. Just the thought, if we let emotions have control, a plethora of feelings are exposed.

My mother…

Thinking back to my mother, she was the best cook ever and funny. As young tweens giggle, we caused her to miss a stop sign. A nice policeman stopped her and we kept giggling even worse. I can hear my mom now, “Girls…” I may not think this is as funny should this happen to me with my daughter and her friends.


As mothers, experiences are limitless. There are times, if we keep forcing instead of being still and know that God has all under control, we’re apt to break. David’s grandmother told me long ago, “Learn to bend or you will break.” Sometimes, it’s hard to bend. Careless words are spoken and wedges deepen…all because hearts have hardened. Scripture states we lack understanding with hardened hearts.


Two keys to successful parenting: prayer and fasting. Take time to worship our exalted King. He is the giver of all things good. What stories surface when you think of your mother? I’m thankful for all my mother figures. We never know when days with our mother are limited or for that fact our children. Let’s move forward this weekend praying and asking God- to refine our parenting by giving us wisdom, knowledge, and understanding. To help nurture more of God in their lives and less of self. Now this, could change the world. Our God to be exalted! Happy Mother’s Day!

Be encouraged!

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