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Christians: Shine Truth on Darkness, Awareness

Christians: Shine Truth on Darkness, AwarenessWhen Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” (John 8:12 NIV)


Direct sunlight is almost blinding. The intensity of light during my son’s baseball game last night seemed to never shift. Moving different angles did not help. The power of the sunlight penetrated deep within if willing to acknowledge. Can we imagine the power of God’s light- whoever is willing to forgo world desires and follow Jesus’s teachings will never walk in darkness.


This does not mean troubled times are removed. We live in a fallen world, falling more every day. I am amazed Biblical prophecies are being fulfilled before our very eyes. Deception lures individuals in slumbering state- passive on truth. Societal confusion blurs truth as the enemy counterfeits truth to be believable. We have Christians rejecting Biblical Truth- making the world think we hate. Which is really hate and which is love? Would leaving one falling for deception be love? No- this is not even good for one’s enemy.


If we follow Jesus’s example, His righteous anger made point after point…shedding light on darkened practices. Be it shining light when mockery was made of His temple or when Pharisees practices weighed against Truth. I cringe thinking how it would be for Jesus to walk through America today. What would be amazing- how His light shines and love would penetrate through barriers.


When Jesus said we would do even greater things than Him- He really meant this. With being the hand and feet of Jesus- His light will shine through us, if we grow in knowledge, wisdom, and understanding. In doing this, we have to go beyond listening to one sermon a week. I miss my youth- attending church on Sunday night, Wednesday night and any other night something may have happened. The world has a strong pull on Christians to remove them from church. Because, if one sermon a week is the only spiritual food for entire week. One grows weary if not receiving more, gaining the enemy’s attention.


Let’s pray for God’s light to awaken those slumbering. For God’s light to shine making aware any darkness- deep in our soul or in the world around. May we always follow Jesus, never walk in darkness.

Be encouraged!

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